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fo-émid , for-émid

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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: -fémd-, forémid, forḟémid, foremdim, forémid, faemdet, femdit, forḟemid, foremmid, forémid, foremestair, foremdetar, forḟemdetar, foremdes, -ded

v ( fo-ess-mid-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 579 ) protot. -fémd-; not represented in O.Ir. Glosses. The form forémid is prob. due to infixed potential -ro-; often with inorganic f forḟémid ( SR 3209 etc.). Pres. 1 s. foremdim, LL 284b29 . 3 s. forémid, LU 9132 ( FB 88 ). faemdet, Ériu vi 135.57 . 3 pl. femdit, LU 8555 ( FB 41 ). perf. 3 s. forḟemid, SR 3209 . foremmid, LU 8397 ( FB 27 ). forémid, LU 9132 ( FB 88 ). foremestair, BB 492b29 . pl. foremdetar, Thes. ii 344.36 . forḟemdetar, TBC-LL¹ 1564 . Pass. perf. foremdes -ded, see III below.

I As personal act. vb.

(a) is unable, fails (to do something), with vn. or equivalent as obj.: forémdim tairnim I cannot bend Fél. 154x = LL 284b29 . forḟemdinn a thimargain I could not constrain him SR 1338 . forfémmedus cach rét nogniind remi do dénam I was unable to do all that I used to do before LU 1319 ( Imr. Brain ii 290 , uaremedhus, baremidus v.l.). forféimdhius-sa sealladh fair I could not bear to look at it BNnÉ 93 § 203 . uair forémid ní dó since he could do nothing to him (i.e. could not influence him) PH 4726 = forémdid, 4891 . dammidethar fá dí día lémaim ┐ forémid, LU 9132 ( FB 88 ). barémid nech díb a aged do ṡoud fodess none of them could turn southwards TBC-LL¹ 2407 (corresp. to : connāchcǣmnacair ... ronucad a ainech secha fades itir Delca ┐ muir, TBC-I¹ 1745 ). forḟemid cor de could not stir Trip. 450.6 ( LB 26b12 ). forḟeimidh in mogh a tógbáil the slave was unable to raise it Cóir Anm. 40 . foremdid immáin a bo, Lat. Lives 83 = forḟeimigh, Lism. L. 1588 . forḟemdid lasin aingel a mallachad, LB 123a1 = foremidh risin a., YBL 294a8 (of Balaam). huair forḟemid ... a óentagud do Ioseph SR 3209 (the wife of Potiphar) = triallais in ben forecin fairsium uair forḟemid ais, LB 115b10 (forfemhidh hi chena YBL 286b4 , but: foremidh he chena, 63b29 . BB 237b43 ). carraig ... foremestair Ercail do thogail, BB 492b29 . foremdetar Ui F. a turcbáil, Thes. ii 344.36 . barrobratar in ṅGlassi ┐ forḟemdetar a techt, TBC-LL¹ 1564 (= nior fedsat teact tairsi St). tancatar ... fri taeb na Glassi, dáig fosremdetar a techt, 1582 . forḟemdhetar a chosc oc bendachad mac nIsrahel, LB 123a4 = rofeimdetar, YBL 294a10 ( Num. xxii - xxiv ). do feimgedur dol forin caslen, Ann. Conn. 1246 § 8 (= ni roḟedsat dol FM). cach ndoraid forfeimdibitis fir Erenn every difficulty the men of Ireland should fail to solve Dinds. 117 . Cf. femdeth gail, SR 3155 .

With pers. obj. in ellipt. sentence: tuc M. a máthair a gentlidecht; forémdid im[morro] a athair (Patre in malis perseverante) Lat. Lives 91 .

Cf. nosfémded cach dechenbar `no ten men were a match for him' Metr. Dinds. iii 156 .

(b) refuses, shirks (doing something): ni dlig a dilsi co forfemde cach `he is not entitled to the ownership until everybody refuses (disclaims) it' Laws v 262.4 . rosfeimdetar fir Fótla ... altram Néill, Ériu iv 94 § 10 (Rawl. = forḟeimdetar LL). foreimidseat Bretain a mbiathad refused to feed them Todd Todd Nenn. 84 . indrocht fír fo-n-éimed fiadain 'fraudulent (unlawful ?) is an attestation that witnesses disclaim' ZCP xxix 177 . See éimdid.

II In impers. construction (act.) in sense (a) : dolluid crini chucum-sa ... ┐ forémed imtecht I was unable to walk LU 1241 ( Imr. Brain ii 287 ; addró imthecht v.l.). With FOR: forfeimidh forra a erslagadh, Hugh Roe² (f. 4a ) = forḟémhidh, AFM vi 1898.16 .

With acc. FOR: conattecht Medb Fergus ... do chomrac ra Coin Culaind, ar rosfemmid ḟiru hErend the men of Ireland had refused (had failed ?) to do so TBC-LL¹ 2858 = ro emgeatar fir E. dul do chomhrac St.

III Pass. constr.:

(a) forfeimdes a hergaire no one could hinder him SR 4808 (of Balaam). rucad iarum do muliund Ratha C. ... ┐ foremthes a bleith it could not be ground Thes. ii 335.31 . forreimdes [foremthes v.l.) a mbreith la Buchat B. was unable to take them RC xxv 30 § 13 . forémdes ... o Chobthach dul issin tech C. was unable to enter LL 270a12 ( ZCP iii 7 § 24 , foroemthes, atroas v.l.). da laeg ..., foréimdes comairle forru co ndergena fiadmíla díb two calves ... they could not be controlled, so they went wild LL 165a49 (= conad feta ni dib nothing could be done with them RC xvi 153 ). forfeimdhetth breth ┐ eraic ar méd an tsaraighthe judgment and compensation could not be awarded BNnÉ 313 § 4 . roféimed ní dó nothing could be done for him (of a sick man) Acall. 7571 . ro femed a airium ... ar marbad do Gallaib the number of foreigners slain was past counting Cog. 38.1 .

In sense (b): atbert in ben ... fri hIosep dul ina coemthach ... forḟemdius tra o Iosep inni sin J. refused to do so LB 115a53 .