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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: fuigl-, fuigill-, fuigl-, fuiglidis

v (gell `pledge') protot. fuigl-, whence later stem fuigill-, fuigl-.

(a) as leg. term ` gives a pledge to accept a legal decision from an authority ' (Atk. Laws Gl.), hence appeals to the judgment of, submits (a case) to , with acc. of pers. and IMM of subject-matter. fogella risiu imgona (.i. gurub tusca dechar a fuigeall in britheman ...), O'Dav. 1403 . Sencha ... fon-gelltais Ula[i]d, Laws i 150.16 . fogellat iarum an Dagda, Ériu xii 146 § 8 . fogellsat imbi ... Conchobar ┐ bertside ... they appealed to C. and he awarded Laws iv 6.2 Comm. atait secht mbreitheamain nad fuigliter la Feine who are not consulted (for an opinion) v 352.17 (cf. ollamh gaisi, sai cach eoluis ima fuighlither, iv 358.11 ). cia fogelmais ríg na túath, Ériu v 213 . fogellsat in ri[g] imbi, BDD 20 . mo thri finndni fomgeillsat .i. imm ailt nEochach, Bodl. Corm. s.v. pain (= fom gellsat, Corm. Y 1052 ). co fuigillsit ... breithemna Erend imma comaltrom, O'D. 986 (< H 3.17 c. 849 ) = con fuiglessat ollomuin brethemuin nErind imme comaltor, Anecd. iii 27.16 . fuigillfithir Morunn uimi, IT i 142.12 (= co fuigle, ZCP v 503.30 ). fuigillsit Morunn iarum ... ┐ ispert sidi ... ib. IT i 142.14 . Cf. fomruigled .i. fuigell, ut est ... a Cormaic fomruighled .i. tangais im fuigell, H 3.18, 286.13 ( O'Curry 574 . ni fuiglea co ngoí cathroí (he shall not appeal to combat to decide a false claim ?) ZCP xi 83 § 31 . ni forgell Dau friu, Anecd. iii 60.14 , PMLA lxii 899 .

(b) pronounces a verdict, decides, gives judgment concerning, with acc. or IMM of matter decided: ni fornasc nadi(d) fuidhli `he cannot bind who is not able to pass judgment' Laws i 266.12 . nis fuigli nad ergeouin na bi mesach slan ib. nis fuigli nad oigi gnim fir fiachaib ib. 14 . immanad in roe ... acht ni fetatar ciabad airet ara curthe co fuigled Conchubur imbi till C. should decide 250.24 . in: conna fuiglidis fiacha na feitheamnasa na coicearta cosin feis n-aili they pronounced no decision on Leb. Cert. 6.19 either meaning would suit; the form may be pass. fuighliset fri maccu Miled co mbad leo ind inis, LL 13a31 = fuighellsat, Leb. Gab.(i) i 252.20 . ni fuigledar nach fuigled no case is adjudicated ZCP xi 82 § 19 (leg. with L: ...nach fuiglid no judge shall be appealed to ?).

(c) asserts, declares , freq. in parenthetic assertion on part of an author: fuighlim .i. ráidhim, O'Cl. a echlach ... nā fuigill ach(t) firinne!, ZCP xiii 170.16 . fuiglim, is ní fuigell gaī, vi 260.14 . Eochaid ... delbas a degrand ... for fis na fian dia fuiglend, LL 10b41 (= ZCP xiv 178 ). seanchas fíor a bhfuighlim dhaoibh, Content. xxviii 67 . indis duinn ... na hilchinela rann do ḟuidhlis of which you have spoken RC xxiv 378 § 15 . ro fuighillsit na braithre gur bhó ina mainistir féin, etc., maintained AFM vi 2046.6 . fāl findchuill ... fuiglis re tuathaib ... Temhra (= he called the tribes of T. a hedge of white hazel) MR 124 .

Vn. fuigell, q.v.