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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: folina, fodlína, fulina, folínfea, furoillissemni, follintar, conrufailnither

v pres. 3 s. folina, Ml. 122d5 . fodlína, Wb. 14b7 . subj. pres. fulina, Ml. 45c10 . fut. folínfea, Wb. 12d14 . ? pret. ma furoillissemni .i. digail, Ml. 100d8 (so Thurn., Thes. i 341 n . , and Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 567 ; `if we have deserved' as if from fo-slí, Thes.). Pass. pres. s. follintar, Ml. 123a10 . subj. 3 conrufailnither, Wb. 1a9 . Vn. fuillned, fuilled, q.v.

Fills up, makes up, supplies: gl. supplere Wb. 12d14 , Ml. 45c10 122d5 ; implere Wb. 24d25 . a ndudesta ... con-rufailnither á mé, Wb. 1a9 . sic follintar assa chanoín thus it is supplied from its text Ml. 123a10 . lethdechnad ... is dindala deach fil i ndechnad mār folintar .i. di luibenchosaig it is made up of one of the two syllabic groups which are in `dechnad már', to wit the hexasyllabic IT iii 8 § 8 (iarsinní folintar ondara dech- ... .i.o luibenchosaig v.l.).

See fuillid.