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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: fomna, fomnid, fomentar, fomenaid, fummenatar, fomna, fomnaid, fomnas, fomnais, fomnis, fomnis

v ipv. 2 s. fomna, LU 5978 . 2 pl. fomnid, Wb. 20b15 . 33a15 . subj. pres. 2 s. fomentar, 30c2 . 2 pl. fomenaid 7b22 . 3 pl. co fummenatar , Ml. 43a16 . Vn. foimtiu, q.v.

Takes heed, esp. in sense is on one's guard against, is beware , absol. or with acc. or folld. by neg. clause with subj.; freq. in imperative; gl. cavere Ml. 43a16 . fomna .i. frithail, Lec. Gl. 39 ( fritoil, Stowe Gl. 393 ). emdae .i. fomnae nō bīd do menmae, O'Mulc. 481 . Corm. Y 567 (ende). fomna in láech fodotben, LU 5978 ( TBC-I¹ 1510 ). fomna an gai mbulga, TBC-I¹ 2688 (= fomhna, TBC-LL¹ 3926 St). foimned digal [leg. dígail ?] doen dogni let the mortal who does it beware of punishment (?) ZCP vii 312 § 27 . fomna, fomna, ... beochail nā rot-báda (.i. faitches lat nārotbáde) beware lest the gravy drown thee MacCongl. 71.11 . fomnai na raibh nech ... isan dunadh, BB 209b15 = fomna, Todd Todd Nenn. 82 . Cf. frossa fégfola fomnaig (token of Doomsday) SR 8034 (leg. fomnaid). fomnig nach for-tair in leo beware lest the lion overtake you Lism. L. 347 . tri coin fogla fomnaiter [sic leg.] and (.i. urḟoichlither na tri coin), Laws iii 414.23 ( Ériu xii 198 ). mani āgitis inna piana, ni fomnibtis [foimnebdais v.l.] unless they feared the penalties they would not take heed ZCP iii 453.4 . Cf. also: fomnas [gl. videat ne cadat) Wb. 11b1a ( ZCP vi 537 , where Stern takes it to be a subst., but ipv. according to Ó Néill, Ogma 236 ). atāt a deich ara-bādat goí cach flaitheman fomnas ar nach-nderna so fomnas (fomnis, v.l.) huile, a uile flaithemna, ZCP xi 97.1 . fomnas .i. frithailed, O'Dav. 836 . In follg. exx. fomnais seems used with force of ipv.: fomnis fomnis in fer mbraine LU 10885 = Ériu xii 182.12 . fomnais Ultu arus foiclid ZCP xiii 328 (both in rhet.).

? criss uardhai ... ara fomnatar muire fo gruadibh in nime atuaith because of which the seas are feared beyond the horizon to the north, TBith.² 137 § 29 = fo fuiled mara, YBL 83a7 .

See also foimnidi and foimte.