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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: fonais, fonena, fonen, fonensaitis, fonascar, fornastar, foninasair, banassa, fonaidm

v (nasc- `bind'). subj. pres. 2 s. fonais, O'Dav. 1256 . fut. 3 s. fonena, B. in Sc. ZCP xiii 381.16 ( xx 227 ). fonen ib. xiii 379.23 ( xx 225 ). Cf. sec. fut. 3 pl. fonensaitis xii 379.16 (imperf. ind. seems required). Pass. pres. s. fonascar, LU 5943 ( TBC-I¹ 1477 ). ZCP xii 364.6 . LL 282b46 . subj. pres. fornastar, Laws v 476.24 (perhaps from for-naisc). ? fut. foninasair, H 3.18 p. 258b ( O'Curry 510 ). pret. banassa (= fonassa) TBC-LL¹ 4567 . Vn. fonaidm. Often treated as simple vb. in forms belonging to the pres. stem.

Binds (someone to do something), imposes (an obligation, etc.), makes a contract ; gen. with FOR of pers. In Laws Comm. glosses naiscid and ar-naisc. fonaisc lat ar Morand | mad āil dait a chomall take M. as a security TBC-I¹ 2292 . fonascar fair can tudecht he was bound over not to come LU 5943 . manib tualaing brithi fair fanaiscc frie a rer fudesin, Anecd. iii 23.12 . fonaisc a comthrom do argut for Feradach LL 287ay . fonaiscid C. forrosom cen curadmír do chosnam ... fonaisccitsium fairsium dano a dénam in cennaig, LU 9024 ( FB 77 ). ni nais ... airged ... acht for mal .i. ní ro fonaisc[e] siu in airged ... acht for in uasal, Laws iv 36.7 Comm. = will lay tribute on, subdue ZCP xiii 379.23 ( xx 225 ). fonen Hérind, xiii 380.18 . fonascar colleir (of a peace treaty) LL 282b46 . fonais Niul Scota (.i. do hernaidhmed S. ... fri N.), Leb. Gab.(i) i 278 (cf. fornais, LL 14b27 ) seems intended for an s-pret., but perhaps it is a corruption of for-nass; the verbal forms in this `retoric' are very doubtful. Used elliptically: flaith geilfini ... ise fonaisces in ferand binds (restrains the alienation of) Laws iv 40.5 Comm. (gl. ara naisc), see Ériu ix 38 . fonena giallu cach rois will bind the hostages of every point ZCP xiii 381.16 ( xx 227 ). Cf. ba leu rige Caisil ... fonensaitis giallu caich xii 379.16 (v.l. ronasctis, which leaves the line short, but pret. or imperf. seems required) in: banassa damsa ind ingen, TBC-LL¹ 4567 (= do naiscedh St) there is probably a confusion of preverbs.

Cf. ar-naisc, for-naisc.