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Forms: fosisiur, fosisedar, fob-sisimar-ni, fosisetar, fosissetar, fosisider, -fosad, fosisefar, furoissestar, fuissither, forruised, fotisir, fotṡisiur, forruisistar, rosfaisit

v pres. 1 s. fosisiur, Laws i 10.23 . 3 s. fosisedar Acr. 13b1 . 1 pl. fob-sisimar-ni, IT ii2 228.42 . 3 pl. fosisetar Sg. 140a2 . fosissetar, Ml. 132a1 . subj. pres. 2 s. fosisider su, Ml. 66c1 . [ -fosad, Corm. Y 799 (= fossad LB) is possibly past subj. of this. See fossaid under wh. the form is provisionally placed]. fut. 1 s. fosisefar, Ml. 58c17 . perf. 3 s. furoissestar, 46d15 (cf. Bürgschaft § 63 cited below). For vn. see faísitiu and fáes(s)am. Cf. fuste, fusti.

(a) in lit. sense stands under, possibly in follg. ex.: issi innfine ... a tir i fuissither the land on which (the water) stands (i.e. is gathered into a pond) Laws iv 206.8 , cf. fáes(s)am (a) and the pass. perf. ba doib forruised in praind, LU 1716 ( ICM xi ). But perh. this is a miswriting of foruired.

(b) confesses, acknowledges, admits: gl. fateri Sg. 140a2 , confiteri Ml. 46d15 . fosissetar a pect[h]u, 132a1 . fosisefar mo pecthu, 58c17 . forusestar Loegaire ógréir Patraic undertook (to fulfil) LU 9738 . ... a ḟirḟolaid fo-rrúisesthar `die er ... anerkannt hat' Bürgschaft 21 § 63 . ? fosisiur fofetar fis deoda, Laws i 10.23 . gell taisic iar frepaid fosisedar derosc, BCrólige 60 . (i cele fuiseten) .i. fo-sisithar celsini ar seotu. no fo-sesedar flaith hi cele ... do `acknowledges himself a client in return for goods, or whom a lord acknowledges as his client' Ir. Recht p. 26 (§ 26 Comm. 7) . See also under (d) below.

(c) professes, avows: transl. profiteri Ml. 66c1 . tris in iris fosissetar i mbathis, Tur. 43 . is ecen do neuch fosisedar dán inna grammatic ... who professes Acr. 13b1 .

(d) in legal sense `stands under or for,' acknowledges, goes bail for, becomes responsible for: cf. fotisir, RC iii 346x , which Father Shaw, Aisl. Óeng. 63 , would emend to : fotṡisiur `I undertake your protection.' ni cobrannaide dan finnteda acht ni i fuisedar cuir bēl save what verbal contracts support (lit. in which ... stand as basis ?) Laws iv 284.17 . ise mac faesma ... fosisiter ilar fine (.i. faoisitnighit imat na fine amuigh) whom the majority of the `fine' acknowledge O'Curry 2246 ( Eg. 88 f. 18a ). digal fir foseisiter fine .i. ... in mac faosmadh, H 3.18, 219a ( O'Curry 390 ). Cf. in ndlighe foessamh etir no ... in ndlighe fosister itir, H 3.18, 258b21 ( O'Curry 510 ). foesam .i. fo-sisithar tar crich, Ir. Recht 6 . Supports (?): im boin fosisethar carra .i. iman mboin faisitnigeas imad don tuaith ┐ in brathair ro leig a chuid ara cheile di, H 3.17, c. 405 ( O'D. 499 = fosuidethar carrudh, Laws i 124.8 , with diff. comm.).

In : cuir neich fosisedar, H 4.22, 28 ( O'Curry 1998 ), there is not enough context to determine the sense. Similarly fosisiter orba .i. tir dibaid ┐ sealb .i. ferann athar ┐ senathar, O'Curry 2247 ( Eg. 88, p. 18 ). guithir dāl o C. da A. ... ┐ basisestar A. ar feraib hErend ... ┐ basisestar C. ar Ultaib guaranteed it on behalf of TBC-I¹ 3416 . fosesegar in bandscal tar cend na geni `makes confession on behalf of' (of prenatal baptism) Rule of Tallaght p. 76 § 49 ( LB 11a47 ). Cf. fo-b-sisimar-ni `wir stehen euch bei' IT ii2 228.42 ; 229.53 .

With acc. of pers. : táet in drúth ... ┐ fasisidar di chéin Coin Culaind ar nachan-aithgné, LU 5869 ( TBC-I¹ 1400 , `let him stand at a distance from C.' [?] Faraday. Perhaps this belongs to next sect.).

(e) declares, asserts, makes known (?) : foruisedar in rechtairi na briathra-sa do Mac Con, ZCP viii 311.32 = forruisistar, x 423.7 . Cf. me rosfaisit is rosforgaill, LL 45b4 = MS. Mat. 488 , RC xxvi 264 ; possibly a late pret. form.