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Forms: -fothadar, -aire

v -fothadar ( Stud. in E. Ir. Law 42 ). See Thurneysen, ZCP xiii 300 . Maintains, provides sustenance for; in Laws regularly glossed by fossaigid(ir) or fothaigid: fosuidither (.i. fosaigidh) boairig [leg. -aire ?] anaile `one boaire chief entertains another' Laws ii 380.12 ( Stud. in E. Ir. Law 42 ). ni fothaidter (.i. nocon fothaigeann) ib. (v.l. ni fothadar, Stud. in E. Ir. Law 42 ). The glossator here seems to connect the verb with fáesam, see Stud. in E. Ir. Law 43 . fosuididter in ben lethdā[i]m in fir `the woman may entertain half the company of the man' Laws ii 386.6 ( Stud. in E. Ir. Law 51 ). fal fosuidigtear dagnadmaim (.i. in ime doni in ti ac a fosaigter degfonaidm trebaire) Laws v 506.11 (508.11) . im boin fosuidethar carrudh which sustains the champions ( ZCP xiii 300 ) Laws i 124.8 (cf. H 3.17, c. 405 cited s.v. fo-sisedar, d). Rare in lit.: fosuidiur a ndano ┐ a ndibergai, IT i 141.26 (Comp. Con. C.) = f.¤ a ndámha, etc. ZCP v 503.16 . fossudiur a ndána ┐ a ndiberga, LU 10291 (T.Emere) = fossaidier, etc. ZCP iii 236.3 .