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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: -uc, -ug, fochlocan, fochlocc, fochlog, focluc, fochloch, ḟocluic

n (-og, -uc, -ug) (a special use of 2 fochluc, UR 44 ) o, m. (earlier n-stem ? cf. fochlocan) a poet or `fili' of a lower grade, for whose qualifications see IT iii 112 , 115 ; Laws i 46.1 Comm ; v 26.25 , his specific metre was the `dian'; he was allowed two attendants; his reward for a poem was a heifer (samaisc): his honour-price varied according as he was the son of a `fili,' or not, or was `innraic' or not; also according to the status of his patron (`rí túaithe' or `rí Érenn'). ( v 116 App .). His `díre' equalled that of `flaith' or `eaglais,' Ériu xiii 32.11 . His protection extended to five persons: doeimh Fochlog fíorchoiger, 33.13 , sē grādha filedh ... .i. fochloc, macfuir[m]edh, etc. IT iii 97.1 (cf. Ériu xiii 32.11 ). glamh in ḟochloic , ib. IT iii 97.14 . f.¤ [fochlocon LB] nomen grāid filed, Corm. Y 587 (where the word is connected with fochlocán or fochlocht, cf. Laws iv 360.7 ). fochlocc, Laws iv 356z . fochlog, Ériu xiii 32.11 . tricha [scél] la fochluc, Laws i 46.1 Comm. focluc, O'Mulc. 537 . fochloch, ZCP v 499 § 7 . foclucc (... focael og he, og a dan ┐ og a log), Laws v 26.28 Comm. in fochlucc, samhaisc a einecclann, ┐ samaisc log a aiste, ┐ is iat sin [viz. ollam filed ┐ fochlucc] in dias is commór einecclann ┐ logh aiste, ┐ oc righ thuaithe atait and sin, etc. O'D. 1214 (< H 2.15A, 84 ). Laws v 116 . má fuaras uait ... aiceacht is mé i n-aois ḟocluic `when a novice' Content. ix 6 . Cf. bud ead fochlucc bruinde bias fo dheoid and S. ingen E., YBL 329a22 (misprinted fothlucc and rendered 'opener of the womb' ML 154.1 ). v s. a ḟocluic ! xxii 29 .