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Last Revised: 2019


v ā (focal) affirms, declares, pronounces (of an emphatic or authoritative utterance): foclaim rim chain is rim chubus ... na ro aerus duine, IT iii 86 § 89 . nī dernad riam ... foclaim, ... dūn daṅgen mar Babilion I assert ZCP iii 19.6 ( Rawl. 74b22 ). ní ḟocclam-ne ón we would not say so (= I am not of that opinion) TBC-LL¹ 862 (= ni fior són St). se fichit findscél ... foclas cech fili, LL 145a49 . corgus apstal ... iii láe cech rathe ... foclait fāithi fīrinne ` proclaim ' Mart. Tall. 118 ( LL 363 marg. inf.). ma foclaid liaig ... co fetfaidea a leigis if a physician declares Laws iii 322.5 Comm. acht munar focaill sai legha comad marb e `has stated' BCrólige § 14 Comm. foclaim bad comhainm an láoi so ... th'oidhidh (a prediction) BNnÉ 37 § 66 . cach plág ro ḟocail `every plague that he threatened' Metr. Dinds. iii 452 . In Laws Comm. used of giving an award or decision: a focluit comuighthuigh eaturra, Laws ii 154.12 . febh nosfocluid comhaithig, 314.21 . ollam foccail .i. inti foclaiter conid ollam `who is reputed to be an ollam' v 114.21 (who is tested so that he becomes a master' MacNeill, PRIA xxxvi C 281 n. 3 ). Cf. inodfocladar in t-ollam as a dréchtaib `the Ollamh reports of him as to his compositions' (of a candidate `fili'), O'Curry, MS. Mat. 462 (< H 2.15A, p. 85 ). Cland Ch. nár ḟocail ḟeall who never uttered (?) (approved ?) falsehood IGT, Verbs ex. 450 . Of ordering, enjoining, with FOR (AR): mas e in liaig rofocail ni dona hurcoilltibh so aran othar `if it be the leech who has prescribed any of these ... for the patient' BCrólige § 25 Comm. damad e in cintac ro oclad if it were the defendant who had ordered ib. ni liagh ro focail air ann sin (of a wounded man) O'Curry 1818 (< 23 Q 6, 45b ). ara focladh orro dul ind (sc. a boat) Laws iii 212.1 . Cf. fāth a focla orro [leg. ar a focladh ? or is this vn. ?] Laws iii 210.26 . cidbe fath ara focladh orro dul ind, 212.2 . a riar orainn do fhocail `it has imposed its rule on me' Dán Dé vii 19 .

Vn. focal, 2 -foclad. See also focalta.