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Cite this: eDIL s.v. foguin or

n [i, n.] (vn. of fo-goin) wounding (treacherously ?): f.¤ .i. tir i mbi oc dail, guin neich leis ann, O'Curry 472 (< H 3.18, p. 247 ). f.¤ re .i. fírghuin neich nime [ = nemid ?] a re a ferann .i. ina maigin dígona, O'Curry 457 (< ib. H 3.18 p. 243b ). Cf. also: cuguin .i. a f.¤ ┐ dealbh criad in[a] fiadhnaise, O'Dav. 382 (some kind of malefic sorcery practised on clay images ?).