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Forms: ḟoiclech, foichligi, foithlighi

adj o-ā (fochell)

I Cautious, wary; that takes precautions (?). Cf. sairfoichlech gl. concuriosus Ml. 90b2 . foichleach n-airfoichlech in sin, a popa Fergais!, TBC-I¹ 3590 = aicclech nad aicclech, TBC-LL¹ 6009 ; foiclech nat nurḟoiclech H. In YBL perhaps we should read: f.¤ nád n-airf.¤ , i.e. a cautiousness that overreaches itself (alluding to Fergus's act in attacking the Ulstermen).

II Earning (paying ?) wages: foichleach .i. faichilleach, O'Cl. foichleach .i. formalach `munificent in paying for services done' P. O'C. ? g s f. mac foichligi .i. mac na meirdrighe oiges a corp ar logh no gin logh, O'Curry 2232 ( Eg. 88 f. 16 (17)d ) = foithlighi ib.