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Forms: foimtin, foimti

n n, f. (vn. of fo-moinethar) Later n s. foimtin (-din), Aen. 2589 ( BB 477b42 ) etc. Being in readiness for, anticipating, being on one's guard against: do foimtin (gl. ad cavendum) Ml. 43a16 . foimhdin .i. oirchill, O'Cl. Usually with obj. gen.: condid tacair a f.¤ so that it is meet to beware of them Wb. 31b19 . ar fomtin ... ┐ ar imgabáil remlatrad LU 2611 ( RC xxv 242 : `for precaution and ... avoidance of presumption'). ēc ┐ sentai is ferr bied [bid v.l.] do cēin a foimti [foimdiu v.l.] it is better to be prepared for death and old age long beforehand ZCP iii 454.10 . ni fil isin tig nád beth inna foimtin (foditin LU) there is no one ... who would not be on his guard against them BDD 130 . co mbitis 'na airitin ┐ 'na foimtin (of a monster) ACC 60 Comm. atat ... cóic duailche conemthiagat in aíne in ḟóimtin [ina foimdin, Lib. Flav. 21v (23)a ] = five vices ... are to be guarded against PH 8386 . nocho beo fri foimtein Ulad | a hollchuiciud Branduib ..., Ériu vi 122 . fri foimtin terci as a precaution against scarcity Mon. Tall. § 12 = Rule of Tallaght 70 § 25 . fria fómtin imbualta in expectation of a battle MacCongl. 87.16 . robdar cairdi a eccraite friss gó sin co na baoí hi foimhdin coccadh, AFM v 1766.13 . ro bhaoí ... i ttuile a aoise fri foimhdin imnigh in the prime of life for facing trouble vi 1988.9 . ro líonta ... do ṡaoraibh i ffoimhdin toghla an bhaile in readiness for (`for the purpose of') razing the castle 1980.12 . go ffoimhdin ḟoidhergtha biathaidh, Ériu xiii 15.19 . fomtiu do chāch crād meic Dé (= all must beware of. Leg. foimti ?) LU 3039 ( SG 235.37 ). asbert in liaig ... co mbeth i fomtin .i. ar nā tísad ... that he should be on his guard lest ... Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 8 § 10 . ? cis dúar dían drongaighther i bfaobhraibh foimhdin ?, Ériu xiii 26.2 = O'Dav. 883 (foimdib).

With extension of meaning: doberthar duit ... om des-sea foimdin fir-chalma fon ferand `a truly brave reception' (i.e. resistance) Aen. 2589 . emuncoll ... is ar .x. ata .i. for foimdin na focul ngrecda no laitinda do thabairt isin nGaidelg (i.e. to provide for transliterating Greek or Latin words), Auraic. 1370 (one would expect FRI here as in Mon. Tall. § 12 above). Cf. also: ben adguid aitiri De ... i fomatu a cuirp (.i. ben guides aitiri eclaisi ... i foimtin a cuirp), Laws v 272.9 (274. x Comm.) = i fomataid , O'Dav. 913 ; (`who tempts ... with the offer of her body' in anticipation i.e. with the understanding, on condition, of the surrender of her body ?). See fomatu.