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foirse , foirrse

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Forms: foirrse

adj io-iā (pp. of fo-reith, Thurn. ZCP xvi 269 , Bürgschaft p. 20 n . Plummer's suggestion, Ériu ix 111 , that the word is a borrowing of force, Low-Lat. fortia is not convincing) supported, sustained: ailid cuidrid curu; ailig main measa; ailid fir foirse `the flaith cuitrid is entitled to ... true evidence' [see below] Laws v 460 (with gl.: dligid fir fis fiadnaisi aici ... .i. fiadnaise do fursunnud aici co tucustar set isin rath). Cf. ailid fir fúrrsi .i. airiltnigid in firinne sin do fursannudh dho, O'Dav. 972 . alith fir .i. luige, foirsi .i. ar fortacht .i. bas forese .i. foressar co ndagnoill dia ndemnigugad alailiu firindi do cach, H 3.18, 390a-b . ( O'Curry 865 ). Thurn., Bürgschaft p. 20 n . takes fīr f.¤ above to be the subject of āilid, and would render `a supported proof demands' i.e. `entitles one to demand' (in his earlier expl., ZCP xvi 270 , he had taken `foirrse' as a p. of forus).

Possibly we have a different word from the above in the phr. fer foirse , which in the recorded instances is applied to one who borrows (without leave) another's cattle to qualify himself as a claimant of land by entry: fer fairsi .i. foresi .i. faireith [ = fa-rreith ?] cethrai a chele .i. fer beiris cethru a cheile dichmairc do ellug selba, H 3.18, 390 b11 ( O'Curry 866 ) (mis-read ZCP xvi 269 ). caide dethbir uil itir fear forse ┐ fear techta ? ...issedh is fear f.¤ ann, duine thēd for seis egoir do brith in techtaigthi ┐ is dilis a marbadh o thed. In fear teachtaighthe ... duine eside teachtas dlige anunn, ┐ as si an dethbir, O'Curry 270 ( H 3.18, 151 p. 10 ). dilis fer forse a tellach selba. ni bi dilis nach aen a tellach ṡelba acht fer forse [ = Laws v 466.10 , with gl. .i. is dilus in fer teit iar seis coir do techtugad in feraind. foirse .i. fer for seis techta, 468.25 ]. Duine sin dochuaidh a ndegaid na hairme anund ┐ robi an airem coir ara chind thall, ┐ gidh bé tarrthaigther thall is eisem is fer forse and no go tuca cumail tar a cenn ┐ tar sarughadh i fiadnaise no a n-anfis, a n-ecmais dochuaidh anund and sin mas da ndeoin gidh be dib tharrthaighther tall ise is fer foirrse and, ┐ tobrad fein cumail tar a cheand. & gidh iad uile tarrus and is amail fer forrse iad no go tucad cumail tar a cenn, ┐ slan a marbad uile gan chaemachtain astaide [sic O'C. Cf. c. astaighthi, O'Curry 431a13 ] ┐ mana tarrus iad no go riachtadar a teach is cumal uaithib uile, H 3.18, 430b ( O'Curry 1018 ). caiti in fer foirse ? fer dona gellaid seoit ┐ saidbrige. Is i saidbri caich i tellach sealba, dilsi a airme, Laws v 466.12 .