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Forms: folad, -aid, folad, foluth, folad, folid, folaid, foluid, folaith, folith, folaid, folaidh, folta, ḟolad, n-ilḟolod, fola, folaid, ḟolaid, foladh, folta, fol-, folaid

n folad, -aid (later also fola, see below) o, n. later m., somet. f., see below. For suggested etym. see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 39 ; Zupitza, KZ xxxv 267 ff ., Thurn., GOI § 104 . n s. (with art.) a folad , Sg. 27a8 , cf. Ml. 25c8 , cited below. a s. a foluth , 39b8 . a folad , 9a14 ; b4 . g s. folid, Wb. 32b3 . Sg. 138a5 . ind folaid , Ml. 22d9 . in foluid , 74d4 . folaith, Sg. 27b9 . Bürgschaft 29 § 78 . folith, Mon. Tall. § 86 . n p. folaid, Laws iii 54.3 ( SM Facs. 52a ), Laws v 54.3 ( BB 341.44 = folaidh, YBL 197a34 . a p. folta, Laws v 430.3 . Bürgschaft I § 55 ; 63 . g p. fri slond n-ilḟolad Sg. 28b22 = n-ilḟolod, 72b1 . In later lang. often treated as fem.: n s. fola, d s. folaid (see ZCP xv 325 ; xvi 220 , and cf. 2 fola). n du. dí ḟolaid , PH 1766 .

According to Charles-Edwards, in the Irish law of contract the sense is (a) wealth , (b) goods and services owed in virtue of a contract, (c) consideration , (d) the relationship of each party to a contract. Both folud and frithfolud can also mean obligations arising from an offence, FS Jenkins 346-47 . See Cáin Ad. 28 § 43 , Stud. Hib. xvi 27-31 . (a) substance, material (`folad can hardly be rendered by a single word. It denotes that which constitutes the essence of a thing; in the case of words, the idea they denote; in contracts, the objects or liabilities to which they refer; in the case of lords and clients the essence of their relationship , the correct discharge of their reciprocal obligations,' Thurneysen, ZCP xiv 374 . See also MacNeill, cited below under (d). In Wb and Ml used to translate Lat. substantia in sense substance nature, essence (both of material and immaterial things): a folud inna doinachtae Ml. 25c8 . du f.¤ nephchumscaigthiu `to an unchangeable substance' 110d16 . dochum ind folaid tanaidi inna anmae 22d9 . assin f.¤ appriscc inna colno, Wb. 9c10 . atat dí ḟolaid ann .i. folad duine ┐ folad diabuil, LB 174a13 ( PH 1766 ). is aenḟoladh ┐ aenadbar dūn uili, Alex. 877 . aondía ┐ aonḟoladh ZCP viii 204.27 (cf. Iosa Criosd ... as folaigh n-aonaonta, Ériu xiii 18.27 ). i meit ... a folaid ┐ a n-aicnid dilis, LU 2562 ( RC xxv 238 ). diabul ... cid ina ḟolaid diles no araile fuath tarmchruta, RC ii 398.2 ( Lat. Lives 97 ; `in propria substantia'). amal bedis esrainti din folaid corptai, BB 498b37 (of the Brahmans, = erranta ind fola , Alex. 923 . erandai indo fola, Anecd. v 5 ). In material sense: dus imbi maith a f.¤ (of testing malt) Laws ii 242.18 Comm. ( SM Facs. 29b ). púdar ... arna cumusc re fliche .. a foladh thsiltech `to liquid consistence' O'Gr. Cat. 242.18 . feoil .. aga mbia f.¤ tiugh, Rosa Angl. 42 . Cf. foladh `the thickness or thinness of meat or drink ' hence the expression foladh ieamhair et foladh séimh in old physic books, ' P. O'C. a f.¤ imarcach na lennand, Rosa Angl. 42.25 . a f.¤ na bincindi `in the substance of the brain' 226.15 . In loose sense: gearr go bhfuair [lucht na Traoi] folaidh a n-uilc `the result of their wrong-doing' TD 18.22 (cf. 2 fola). tarngaire cen folta promises without performances ZCP iii 25.20 = fotla, v.l. folta, Ériu vii 138 . Cf. under (c) below.

(b) in Sg used to transl. Lat. substantia = substance, signification (the notion which a word, esp. a noun, stands for, see Thes. ii 61 n .): gl. significatio 39b8 . mani decamar sainfolad cacha rainne, 26b9 . a f.¤ ┐ in chiall (= vis et significatio) 27a8 . issed a f.¤ cétnae sluinditae it is the same substance which they express 9b5 . ni inchoisig in son a f.¤ cétne .. iar ndígbail in tinfith (gl. ut si auferatur [aspiratio] significationis vim minuat prorsus) 9a16 . hercheilīuth folaith definition of substance (function of a noun) 27b9 . a f.¤ foṡuidigther fond ṡun the substance put under the word (the notion expressed by the sound) 73b3 . ar chuit folid .. ar chuit suin, 138a5 . Oppd. to accidentia `accidents' 189b10 .

(c) substance, property, wealth (common meaning in lit. (the exx. are not always easy to distinguish from those under d) : cid doratais ina tindscra? mo delg bec, or D. Is bec ind ḟola, or cach, YBL 118a14 ( RIA MSS. Ser. i 174 ). tecmalla A. a folud ┐ a inmass issin less, LL 118a3 ( Irish Texts i 34 ). cen dān cen folad (ḟolad, folaid v.l.), ZCP iii 449.20 (.i. cen inme R). trian a folith do fodail do bochtaib, Mon. Tall. § 86 . missi ac crábud 'sa comaid, | tussu ic éirge ra folaid, LL 300b17 ( SG 371.16 . perh. 2 fola: rising with a grudge, in anger ?). cisne folaid tra rotbiat-sa uainne ? (= what return shall we make you), Anecd. i 41.22 . co foltaib máine ┐ tíre, 42.4 . Cf. as i falaidh bia do ann | nem is talamh uaidh da chiond, ZCP x 24.7 . folaid cruidh no bethamnais, Laws ii 338.25 Comm. ( SM Facs. 38b : fol-. The text is: nach an be do ḟolaid cena, where Thurn. reads ... be doḟolaid, ZCP xiv 392 ). bid commaithi a folaid fri himscarad doib (of separation of wedded couple) Laws ii 388 ( SM Facs. 43b ; Stud. in E. Ir. Law 54 ). tecor folad mbritheman, CIH ii 402.7 . .i. da tecarthar ni da folud cruid on brithemain, CIH ii 402.12 . aisecc a ḟola ┐ a dhuithche dá gach aon, AFM vi 2334z (`his blood and territory' O'Don.). ag buain a bhfola ┐ a bhfearainn díbh go foiréigneach, Miscell. Celt. Soc. 177.22 ( Caithr. Thoirdh. 2.32 ). Esp. of cattle and stock (cf. foladha .i. spréidh no áirnéis cattle P. O'C. ): folod sechta lais—.vii. mbaí ... | .vii. muca ..., .vii. caírig ..., Críth G. 89 (= Laws iv 304 ). cf. Críth G. 432 . soīre ecalsi Dé cona muintir ... ┐ a n-ule folud beudu ┐ marbdu, Cáin Ad. 34 . dlighidh ... bōthar do uisge, cona ḟolaidh, Ériu xiii 33.21 . can tucsaid a folaidh (= folad, LU 5793 ) whence have you brought the kine ? TBC-I¹ 1321 (= can doberid in n-alaid ?, TBC-LL¹ 2030 ). can tucsait hi foluidh cruidh, TBC(C) 613 . a mbad seisc dind ḟolud the cows that were without milk TBC-I¹ 1128 (= LU 5608 ). berar 'n-as blichta dond alaid dó those of the cows that are in milk TBC-LL¹ 1695 = don folaidh St. co foladaib ┐ indilib Cuailṅgi, TBC-I¹ 902 (= folodaib, LU 5378 ). co n-acotar in tain folaid issan gort, ZCP iii 228 § 3 . foladh bó dicitur , Cóir Anm. 108 (fanciful derivation of sobriquet Finnolaidh), cf. oladh ainm do bhoin, Keat. ii 3680 . Cf. mad cētchin [cech cin; eccin MSS] dono a foluth no dona muccaib ..., Cáin Ad. 42 .

(d) in Laws, the pl. folaid is `a frequent term for the means, material or otherwise, by which a person sustains his functions or liabilities' (MacNeill, MacNeill, Law of status 275 n. 2 , cf. Thurn., cited above): a teasband de foltaib caich, teasbaid dia cataid, Laws v 70.9 (`what is wanting from each man's means is wanting from his dignity' MacNeill op. cit. MacNeill, Law of status 275 ). ar indí crenas in fer túaithe dia dagḟoltaibh hi túaith co n-árimther inna grá[d] téchtu i mbí i túaith, Críth G. 2 ( Laws iv 298 ) i.e. the member of a tuath purchases by his means his due rank in the tuath. Cf. ma ḟoi bera f.¤ (MS. foled) a thige co mbi f.¤ mbóairech should the property of his house increase until it becomes [equal to] the property of a boaire Críth G. 81 ( Laws iv 304.3 ).

(e) in Laws also used to denote, of contracts, the objects or undertakings to which they refer; of lords and clients, that which constitutes their mutual relation, their correct conduct towards each other in their respective capacities , Thurneysen ZCP xiv 374 ; Cf. Stud. in E. Ir. Law 110 . Similarly of the `fine' towards its members: ni coir nach cor cen lanfolad .i. folad lanloigi, 23 Q 6, 34b ( O'Curry 1757 ). cach cor cunu foltuib, cach fola(i)dh cunu frithfolai `an jedem Vertrag mit seinen Objekten, an jedem Objekt mit seinen Gegenwerten' ZCP xiv 373 § 36 ( Laws ii 286 ). cach fola (.i. in set turclaidhe) SM Facs. 34a . na folada chuir ┐ conartha, H 3.18, 482b y Comm . ( O'Curry 1208 ). is dileas cor cid gan folaid, 23 P 3, 23 (21)b . cor comair is ruidles ... ┐ dligthir a folaid o dib leithib, ZCP xiii 21.24 ( Bürgschaft § 19 ). Cf. do fet focra folad .i. as remtechtai lium foccra ... do tabairt fair anas fola athgabhala do gabhail de 23 P 3 ( O'Curry 1874 ). ite folaid fír flaitheman ... for a tuatha the obligations which a just ruler has to his people Laws iv 334.10 = Críth G. 525 (`the sustaining means of a true ruler over his tuatha' Mac Neill, MacNeill, Law of status 303 , does not suit the context). Cf. nenaisc Corpre ... for Dergthene ... folta dar esi flatha, Ériu vi 149.61 (see ZCP xi 32 ). is da foltaib fine gaire cach fir fine fogne fine ina foltaib coiraib. folaid cōre fri fine cen ni cria neach acht ni ria, etc. `proper duties towards' Laws iii 54.3 ( SM Facs. 52a ). tir do beir i coibche mna ... nad urnaigead a folta coire Laws v 510.6 . ni saigh naidhm folta for feichemain, ZCP xiii 22.18 (see transl. and comm. Bürgschaft § 27 ). iccaidtar frisin flaith ... ma beith ina foltaib coirib if he has duly performed his obligations as chief Laws ii 326.3 ( ZCP xiv 388 ). ma fris-rognaither flaith foltaib `if the [proper] services have been rendered to the chief' Laws ii 318.9 ( ZCP xiv 385 ; cf. the note on flaith foltaib' xvi 210 ). mad maithi a folaid (.i. im lubair ┐ im tech n-aidhedh ┐ im fochled ngrad) Laws v 54.3 ( BB 341a44 ). is óg lōg ainech cech grāid ... mani aurcriat a folaid `the honorprice of every grade ... is perfect, unless their qualifications diminish' [i.e. by dishonorable acts on their part] Laws iv 318.20 ( Críth G. 303 ). gabait ma folta condoragbu a frith[ḟ]olta [they] `affect his property till his counter-qualifications are regained' Laws v 178.15 Comm. (see frithfolud). ni théid ḟoluigh na friothfolaigh cāin n-einech, Ériu xiii 14.14 . filidh ad-ógha [leg. = ada ógha ?] fireona folaidh, 18.8 . óighe a bḟolagh ib. 3 . (of bards :) ... go tabair saoire dhoibh la. honngus, ┐ a ffolta ar chena, 44.4 . mád ógha a bfolaidh fria tuaith, ┐ eagluis 32.19 . fosernar saorḟolta, 22.28 . mac go sesaibh saorfolta ib. 27 . tir aduberar do eaclais ... nad oide folta ata cōire fri hubairt (.i. nocu comoigenn-si na folaid is cōir dī risin tī tuc udbairt), Laws v 430.3 (10) . Cf. folta coire; folta techta, Stud. in E. Ir. Law 110 ( Laws v 510 ). ce cuintestar lánḟolaigh gusna filedhaibh. ni mó dleghar dhoibh ionas dona gradhoibh eagalsa ┐ dona gradhaibh flatha ┐ dona Fénibh ..., Ériu xiii 19.11 . tar flatha firḟolta, ZCP xi 95 § 47 . conóiged dliged téchta cech ḟir ... foltaib fíraib do thúathaib ata lais cintaib láime (duty of a king) Tec. Corm. § 2.24 . ni ba ri ri gan folaidh, Ériu xiii 31.14 . trebairi cen folad, O'Curry 511 ( H 3.18, 259 ). folaid [folta v.l.] chutrummae equal objects (in a contract i.e. adequate consideration on each side, oppd. to `diubart' Tec. Corm. § 3.32 ). Cf. bid cert im chotomus folad, Cóic Con. 19 § 11 = 50 § 100 . nach forbech bis la ríg Ciarraige do righ Locha Léin fācabar la Ciarraigi ┐ la rig ┐ is hoén inna foltaib ō rīg Locha L. (i.e. the king of L.L. is under the same obligations towards the king of C. ?) ZCP viii 316.15 . intan nomber ri C. a giall do rí[g] Locha L. dober dano rí Locha L. a giall do rí[g] C. fria folta tecti, 316.17 . mad togu .. la C. a ndul co rig L. conaimsa folaith doib .i. rechtaire huadaib la rig L. ┐ iiii lanamna, etc. if the C. prefer to join the king of L. considerations have been established for them, viz. etc. ib. 316.8 . Cf. flaith na folad, Metr. Dinds. iii 102 (v 256) . Of an article borrowed for a definite period: mana tairi dia ind laithe airchinn sin atrire cen folaid n-airligthe, Laws v 370.14 Comm. f.¤ lóige price equivalent, price ; f.¤ cinad what is payable in reparation for crimes (of trespass etc.): ni tabur caithe tire ... ar do-baidet a fochraic a folta (duine ro recustar fearand ann sin ┐ is i fola loigi do-ratadh do dia chind, beith fo cintaib ┐ ... dibaigid in decreic loigi do-ratadh dia chind in folad cinad dleagar de), ZCP xvi 220 . Cf. nirbo ferr ind fola oldas fochraic in tire, Caratnia § 16 . fer bis fri folta chinaid fine who is liable for the crime-reparations of a `fine' Laws ii 126.13 Comm. (- fol- H 3.18, 378a ). in fil folta innā sesed in feichem for araile ... ? fil ēcin. caide ? ni anse : toing do Dia, etc., Bürgschaft I § 55 ; similarly § 56 .

(f) equivalent, consideration; reason, cause: a sense arising out of preceding (cf. 2 fola) : int slabra dobeir don mac tar folaid (fol- MS.) na gaire do denam `in consideration of his doing the duties of maintaining the old' Laws ii 364.21 Comm. (expl. of `macslabra gaire,' cf. is ruidles .. macslabra dar folaid, iii 310.7 , and see iii 54 cited above under e). Here, perh.: ar Christ coem tar folaid immeasurably noble Fél. Ap. 10 (p. 471) . is cath écoir duitsiu in cath sin do thabairt do rig Muman i folaid a ingine is marb accut, Acall. 3019 . raghaidh láoidh na haghuidh uaim | a bfalaidh áoir I Annlúain, Book of O'Conor Don 13a . ro hainmniged son dono cid asa lucc cetharda (a folad cethardai, Harl.) for a fourfold reason Hib. Min. 14.459 .

In: di chumoil dí chos ar formteacht ┐ folad, H 3.18, 17a ( Laws iv 362.3 : `two cumhals for the leg, for walking and supporting' the correct reading is evidently `folach' or `fulach,' which is translated). ? fir foluith (in list of persons who become accessories to crime) ZCP xii 361.25 ( H 3.18, 8a ); leg. fola as in Irish Texts iv. 15 § 9 , § 10 ?

See anfolad, (anblod), frithfolud, mifolad, and cf. 2 fola.