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Forms: fairben, fordombenad, fuirb, forda-rubai, forbai

v strikes, smites, cuts. Pres. cid marb in t-athair ... ni fairben logh enech a mic, O'Curry 1267 (< H 3.18, 513 ). secht tacartha ... nā fairben log enech (.i. nochan-eitir-imdibenn) `which do not curtail honour-price' Laws v 252.7 (14) . fer ciasingba asa ngradaib, ni fairben log enech a mna, 516.28 . Cf. inoimbligh fíor, i bfairben gaoí, Ériu xiii 26.11 . pl. fordombenad a bunad (context obscure) LL 123a30 . ? subj. pres. conad fuirb amires (.i. co fireibeann ... he), Laws ii 332.12 (24) ; `so that unbelief cuts him off' Atk. Gloss.; by Thurneysen (reading conid f.¤ ) ZCP xiv 391 taken as subj. pres. of for-tá, `so dass Misstrauen auf ihm liegt'. pret. ro lá C. bedg de tresin mbudin ┐ forda-rubai fó thrí, LU 1518 ( MU² 1016 ). bentai ... ┐ ni forbai imo chnes strikes him ... but did not wound him TBC-I¹ 1202 = LU 5677 . ? pass. cf. for-fen, (c).

Vn. forbba(e), q.v.