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Forms: forngenai, orgenamarni, imforgensad

v The examples given below seem mostly corrupt or artificial forms representing different compds. of -gní. Cf. ar-fogni, and do-gní. The meaning implied is usually prepares, brings about, performs, contrives: ar dáig co forgénmaís ar ndis debuid (= in order that a quarrel might be caused between us) LU 6069 . dia forgeni Cauland cerdd oegidacht do C., 4975 = forngenai, TBC-I¹ 486 . is hē rofargni (: ardri) ro fes, | iss ē ardrí na n-ēces who created it (?) ZCP viii 106 § 9 . (of a dog:) accumsa forroigene (: -fogébe LL 273a19 ( RC xiii 393.1 ; forrodeine v.l.). pres. subj. (?): nad orgenamarni fortsu in chomairli sin may we not act (?) on that advice LL 173b46 ( CRR 17 ). similarly: nad orgenamarni ḟoirbsi sin, LL 175bx ( CRR 33 ); in both cases the speaker dissents from proffered advice. Cf. cach imḟorran forgeinsed eturro, BB 264b55 = imforgensad, RC xxiv 186 ( YBL 188a ).