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? for-rig

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v (The existence of for-rig ` binds ' is far from proven. Each of the following passages could be otherwise explained): díoghaibh dofórmaigh, for-rig, foloisgther, Ériu xiii 28.20 (leg. fo-rig? Or cf. 1 foirrgid). ní dia treabaire f.¤ ina tir (.i. airgiter ara chind in ferann) `which arrive' [which he finds ?] Laws iv 128.13 ( 130.8 = foric, 130 ) = forig ara cind ina tir (.i. do déntaib airgither ara chinn ina fearand), O'D. 2183 ( Rawl. B 487, 66, 2a ). forrigh .i. fuirech, ut est ... for cach forrig i n-eclais in mét sin .i. ... for cach aonfer fuirges isin eclais resin ré sin, O'Dav. 1008 (the lemma seems = fo-rig delays). forreghtar, forimregthar ZCP iii 237.24 . Cf. gait forrecar fri crand .i. in gait airgithar cengailti don crund, O'Curry 2624 ( Eg.88 f. 53b ). gait forregar fri crann clethi is found (?) ib. For the gloss airgither cf. ar-icc.

See fo-ricc and fo-rig.