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Forms: fortithsat

v (tongid) fut. pl. 3 fortithsat, O'Dav. 1588 (context obscure). Over-swears, proves by oath, attests, deposes: ised láa ... fortoigg ben a óenur a mmacc for ríg when a woman can by her sole oath father her child on a king Críth G. 534 ( Laws iv 334 ). nach grad bes issle araile, is fair fortongar ; nach grad bes uaisle araile, is e f.¤ araill, Laws v 460.16 . ni f.¤ eclais tirda for craibtecha, O'Dav. 1589 . cia f.¤ ni fortongar .i. cia dena fortach for nech ni dena nech fortach fair, H 3.17, 444 ( O'D. 580 ). fiadnaise forglidhe fortoing ni fortongar, O'Curry 1616 ( 23 P 3, 6b6 ). f.¤ ail anscuichthe lais (.i. f.¤ airdi no aimseir ... no laid no litteir ... it hé mairb in sin for-tongat for biu, ni fortongar cenaib an immoveable rock testifies along with him (i.e. a sign or time ... or a lay or letter ..., those are the dead that testify against the living, without them there is no over-ruling testimony) ZCP xv 361 ( xvi 228 ). Cf. ... feitheam f.¤ fir fri hailche andscuithe, O'Curry 1890 ( 23 P 3, 22 ). cateat folaid ríg do thuaith ... ? astoing diib. f.¤ huadaib vii cumala, Críth G. 496 (= `his oath clears them ..., his oath fixes liability on externs' p. 36 ). f.¤ eclais o eclasaib it grada eclasta dogniat imdenam na ngrad n-ecalsa eile dia saraigther ┐ is leo dono fortach ina ndhiaidh ma forrosum ... lithir is o fine dithech ina ndhiaidh uair is iad ro icfad a cinaid, H 3.18, 438.23 ( O'Curry 1056 ). ráth ... for-tongar fort, na dit[h]ongar dit `r. die auf dich zugeschworen, nicht von dir weggeschworen wird' Bürgschaft 28 § 76 . tri ná ditoing ná fortongar, Triads 159 . an bail ata : fortongar cach n-ainces, n[o]cha nfuil acmaing a tseana ag an duine annsidhe, O'Curry 2498 ( Eg. 88, 40 ). asé fortuing cach n-imresain bius etarradh, H 3.17, 420 ( O'D. 517 ).