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Forms: f.

n f., earlier n.? (n s. f.¤ n-imana, Laws v 476.26 ; forcrad n-anma, BDD 62 Y). Excess, superfluity, that which is above (a certain limit or standard): forcraidh .i. iomarcaidh, O'Cl. forcrith .i. in cibis et vestimentis , Wb. 12c1 . atá leusom di forcrid a ndudesta airib si (gl. quod vobis deerat ipsi suppleverunt) 14a33 . ind f.¤ ... fil for aicniud isna corpaib roremraib `the excess over nature' LU 2559 ( RC xxv 238 ). dom f.¤, dom hessbadaib (= my overstatements and understatements ?) SR 818 . coic bliadna déc ... do f.¤ for a saegul as an addition to his life 7240 . mani lusar forcrith forsin mesair if they do not drink beyond the measure Ériu vii 150 § 15 . étgud cen f.¤ , LL 371c30 . Folld. by gen. : ní f.¤ anma son `that is not much of a name' LU 6975 ( BDD 62 = ni forcrad n-anma Y). forcruidh lina (.i. imurcruidh daine), Laws ii 28 . tria forcraidh n-eolusa by their superior knowledge i 20.20 . f.¤ fomelta for oin `to wear a loan to excess' Laws v 476.20 . Cf. fiach forcra foimealta a fine for excessive use O'Gr. Cat. 129.27 . forcraidh tothchusa the excess of property possessed by a married woman over what she brought at her marriage Laws ii 384.25 Comm. (see Stud. in E. Ir. Law p. 41 ). is f.¤ ingrema dún a marbad it is superfluous persecution to kill them (of people dying of starvation) LB 155a34 . rochinnestar C. f.¤ ceime tar conair co Congal `a step beyond the boundary' MR 254.21 . Following subst., either in gs. or in appos.: dobert trian forcridi de usci ar chuid cach lae added one third of water Mon. Tall. § 52 . dā mnā dēc forcraidi bādur oc macaib Miled (i.e. twelve women in excess of the men) Lec. (facs.) 144a12 (Todd Todd Nenn. 126 ). soerais cech fleid forcraid `every surfeiting banquet' (an excess which ennobles every b. ?) Fél. Sept. 25 . cf. the annotation: co nach erchoitenn nach fled ... cid forcraid hi, ib. 210 . ni bi dialt f.¤ in nechtar dē sech aroile, Corm. Y 447 (forcrith LB). tánise ríg ... cóic ṡenchléthe forcraid laiss sech airig forggaill, Críth G. 436 . .v. lanamna déc ... ┐ amas forcraidh cen mnai an extra soldier ZCP x 137.15 = Lec. (facs.) 3b40 . As sobriquet (?) : Fergus forcraith, AU 702 . Bresal m. Fergusa forcraid, Rawl. 141a39 . [Oengus] m. Fergusa forcraid , 125a15 . Cf. cēle f.¤ , Caratnia 31 which Thurn. would (unnecessarily ?) amend: c. forgrāid.