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1 forrach

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n (for-rig, Ériu xix 51 ) the act of oppressing, overpowering, subduing: farrach no forrach .i. foirneart, O'Cl. sel for sáethar ná bad f.¤ exhausting ZCP v 497 § 10 . ba farrach dāib re fulang an brēntatu, TTebe 4851 . i F. rofoirged ... fuair f.¤ i F. `was smitten ... met destruction' Metr. Dinds. iii 72z . fuair farrach a láime in láich | Daire Barrach, LL 49a41 . go ffuair Oisin a f.¤ | i n-iomairg ón allmharrach, Duan. F. i 18.2 . co raibhe f.¤ fir da foighren tre dhaingen na luirighe ... don leath araill `as much as would kill a man' (?) MR 286.3 (2 forrach ?). ná leic ... aincreitmhigh diar bforrachne !, Marco P. 8 . gabhaim re hais th'orrach-sa `I undertake to crush you' Content. xxii 23 . boí in cotlud oca f.¤ frisin ceol overpowering them LL 3a3 . in taemad oca mbādad ┐ aga f.¤ anīs, Aen. 259 . odconairc Aenias D. do f.¤ do A., 1116 ( Aeneid v 460 ). odconnaic sé Conghal aga ḟ.¤ `when he saw C. pressed hard (?) ' ITS v 96.13 . ro ghaph ag f.¤ Conghail isin chomhlann, 142.15 . ata ... an íota gom f.¤ , Duan. F. 24.6 . ag farrach ┐ ac feoilgerradh mo muindtiri ZCP vi 100.28 . ó ro airigh N. ... na Gaill oga ff.¤ when N. perceived that the English were being worsted Hugh Roe 290.26 (f. 76b) . aga fforach ┐ acca ffírlenmhain, AFM vi 2318.1 . dodechaid f.¤ do L. (`L. succomba' [?] RC xliii 92 § 93 (the meaning is doubtful here). Of a person: in comlunn cēd ┐ in f.¤ sochaidi ib. f.¤ .i. rigi ... no smetrach .i. smit forrach .i. co forrgidis neach, Auraic. 1330 (etym. of brimon smetrach), cf. 3 forrach . f.¤ n-indligid, O'Curry 1690 might from the context belong to for-rig, see forrecht.

See 1 foirrgid.

2 forrach

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n ā, f.

(a) a pole used for measuring land: perticc .i. a pertica .i. f.¤ tomais tire, Bodl. Corm. (= Corm. Y 1055 ). hence prob. f.¤ .i. slat thomhais tíre, O'Cl. (see Gwynn on O'Dav. 1048 etc., Ériu ix 157 ff .). Cf. f.¤ .i. slat dhubhánachta a fishing-rod ib. med, airmed, f.¤ , Triads 138 . forrag .i. for agrum , O'Mulc. 577 . foirrge .i. tomuis .i. fair righther in chuing (i.e. pole of a vehicle), O'Dav. 933 . hí fórríg (gl. in funiculo distributionis Psalms lxx vii 54 ), Thes. i 5.17 .

Hence (b) name of an early Irish land-measure , reckoned in some places as equal to 144 feet (see discussion in Laws, Gloss. s.v.): dā troigid dēc i fertaig, dā fertaigh dēc i forraigh da forraig dec i tir cumaile dia fot, sē foirrge dia lethet, Laws iii 334.22 Comm. tir cumaile seo ... ┐ bo ┐ samhaisc ro soich ar gach forraigh de, ┐ is e aile dec na bo ┐ na samaisce na tri scripaill ┐ isi aile dec na forraighe in pertach, O'D. 2356 ( Rawl. B 506 f. 41a ). In Laws iv 276.25 Comm. reckoned as 1296 feet. fod foirge, iv 18.19 . teora foirrge in aircenn tire in boairech, H 3.18, 384ay ( O'Curry 844 ) = t. fairge, O'D. 1244 ( E 3.5 , 4 ), cf. Laws iv 138.15 . Perhaps more loosely in: f.¤ fir, MR 286 , cited s.v. 1 forrach .

Cf. 3 forrach .

3 forrach

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n ā, f. apparently an area of more or less defined extent; a meeting-place (O'Don. Perhaps orig. same word as prec., denoting an area measured off): F.¤ Patraic `P.'s meeting-place' (on a hill), Trip. 188.12 , 16 . luid hi forraig macc nAmalgodo, 134.10 . dororainn a loc leis ┐ forruim a forrich, 192.3 . co tóraind forrach and (of enclosing a piece of territory), Ériu iv 152 § 32 . pl. ad agrum qui dicitur Foirrgea filiorum Amolngid, Ardm. 14b2 ( Thes. ii 268 ). Here, probably: f.¤ giall co Dún S., Leb. Cert. 22.3 = farrach g., 69 . (v.l. cric[h]ad, BB 267a43 ). A prerogative of the King of Ulster, perh. the extent of territory within which hostages might be considered under his control. In PRIA liv (C) 21 n. 9 described as vn. of for-rig `binds' but the existence of this verb is doubtful. See next.

Cf. Forrach in n.l., Onom.