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n , f. constancy, firmness (Thurn., ZCP xviii 402 ); wisdom, discretion, experience (?); the notion of old age seems present in some exx., cf. arsaid: a fis, a forus, a forsaide, Ériu iv 162 § 24 . tria ḟostai, tria thoi, tria forsadi ZCP xii 363.31 . cona ndeghindscib suadh ... a himat forsaighe, Anecd. v 26 n. 21 . Fenius Farrsaid .i. ar med robai fis na farrsaighi oga, BB 252a27 . As attrib.: raith forsaigi fine (.i. in trebuire tairismech biss don finechaire, in bo-airi is fearr) a reliable (?) surety Laws v 340.19 ; 342.10 (transl. `a surety who sues his tribe' as if = for-saig (see Thurn. l.c., and Bürgschaft p. 53 ). sendliged forrsaide sine sencuimne `an old right of remission, older than the memory of the old' (taking sine = siniu), Laws v. 450.4 (Thurneysen questions this rendering, Bürgschaft p. 53 , but cf. his addendum, ZCP xviii 402 ). Cf. forrsaidhe .i. scaileadh ... is lais na senaibh coiméd int sencusa ┐ a ḟorrsaidhe for cach, Ériu xiii 71 (for gl. here cf. forsatu).