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n ā, f. (túath) an additional or extern population group , i.e. a people not descended from the ancestors of the ruling stock in the territory they inhabit (`retaining internal autonomy but tributary to an external overking' MacNeill McNeill Pop.-Groups § 102 ; `genealogically ... outside of the kindred of the overking' ib. ; `fortuatha means in effect people belonging to a different stock from that of the rulers of the territory' O'Rahilly EIHM 27 . Cf. forslondud) : ceart rig Oiligh, dlighidh crodh ... o ḟinib o ḟortuathaib, BB 273b23 ( Leb. Cert. 120 ). hic Cunn ... fodlaiter saerclanna Lethi Cuinn ┐ hit fortuatha sil Cuind acht sin. hic Cathaer Mar ... fodlaiter saerclann Laigen ┐ hit fortuatha acht sin, Rawl. 140a53 = Mac Neill, McNeill Pop.-Groups § 124 (< Lec. 182rb ). it fortuatha cóicid Cathair cach oen na berar genelach cu Cathaer amal atát Laigsi ┐ Fothairt , LL 318c8 . Hence the territory occupied by such a group: i nUib Garchon i fortuathaib Laigen, Thes. ii 312.38 (Comm. on Fiacc's hymn). bellum Selggae hi fortuathaib Laigen, AU 708 (`the outwarde part of L.' Clar. 49 , quoted in note). la Hu Cendselaig i fortuathaib Breg, LL 39b28 . ... cead brat o ḟorthuathaibh Laighen Leb. Cert. 218 . rí na f.¤ , LL 337c40 (see O'Rahilly l.c.). Conuing ... rí na bhForthuath, Keat. iii 2569 . Cf. Fid meirge (.i. craeb na f.¤), LL 44b10 . In wider sense : secht primthuatha Cannáin ... cona fortuathaib, SR 5162 . ... Eigept cona fortúathaib, 3230 . O hEaghra ┐ O Gadhra ┐ a bforthuaithe go léir ` followers ' JRSAI ii 342 (entry relating to A.D. 1228). i bhfortuathaibh Ifrinn outskirts ITS i 158x .