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fostaigid , fastaigid

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Forms: fastaithe

v g (< fossad? Cf. fostaid).

(a) leg. term makes fast, secures, binds: is cain ḟastaigter (gl. con-suiter), Laws v 6.17 Comm. is cain ḟastaigter do reir dligid na cuir ... (consuiter dliged fo coraib ...) well-established is the truth, ib. y 0 . (Cf. is fastaithe , Laws iii 506 z rendered `it is binding,' but the form seems intended as vb. necess.: is to be stopped).

(b) holds back, detains; retains: (some exx. here may rather have sense c) cia crúth no fastaithfed indí Patraic, ACL iii 10.21 ( Trip.² 226 ) = modum quo Patricium in suo retineret servitio Trip. 20.17 ( Trip.² p. 12 ). romarbh Ercuil in fodhmoir ┐ rofhostoigh [leg. -óidh ? Cf. fostaid] se a bancheile .i. Dianíra, Stair Erc. 2301 . do dhiúltadar fir Éireann dona fileadhaibh, gur ḟostuidheadar Ulaidh ... iad, Keat., iii 1256 . na longa ... nó fostaighthi leósum do corránaibh iarnaidhibh were held fast by grappling-irons CCath. 1986 .

(c) engages, hires: rofostaigh se da cet ridiri, ZCP vi 51.10 . ro fostaidh iarla S. me do cogud, 104.32 . d'fostoigh [leg. -óidh ?] sé ... céd míle fear ... le céud tallann airgid, 2 Chron. xxv 6 . tuarasdal an té ḟoisteochthair, Levit. xix 13 .