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Forms: fo-truic-, fóthrúicther, foilc, fothraic, dotfothraig, not-f.

v i (usually treated as simple vb., but originally a compd.: fo-truic-, cf. Fél. May 8 cited below) bathes, washes , generally of total immersion, less often of partial ablution; trans., refl. and intrans. pass. pres. s. fóthrúicther, Thes. i 4.25 (Southampton Psalter 47a ). anais co foilc ┐ co fothraic, LU 4782 (in the vocab. to his Stories from the Tain Strachan took foilc and fothraic as acc. sg. and through over-sight the error remained uncorrected in the subsequent editions). fothraic in cétna culén i fín ... forḟothraic in tanaise i corcair, LL 319c38 . sruth tened, sruth snechtaide ... is intib sin nos fotraicet slúaig ... na ndemna LU 2237 ( FA 30 ). nofothraic Lugaid ... il-loch L. ros-fothraic dano Fial ... sind abaind ..., LL 13a7 . ni rosfoilc ┐ ni rosfothraic, CCath. 1170 . fothruicfídh é féin a n-uisce, Levit. xvii 15 . a chuithem ... i na fothraictís na demnu PH 8270 . inna fuil fo-truicset, Fél. May 8 . With A(S) of liquid, etc.: atnaig usce ina chúach ... ┐ fothraicis ass, LU 4262 ( SG 84 ). robhennach ... uiscci ┐ ro fothraiccit an rioghan ass, BNnÉ 14 § 8 . dotfothraig [ = not-f.] eissi (i.e. in the well), Cóir Anm. 251 . With FOR: ro delbad ... .ccc. bo craind cona línphattaib dubodraib ... ┐ fos fothraicit iar sin for dubrota, LL 169a28 (= rofothraicit, Dinds. 46 ). Immerses, plunges: meni fothraicthe sin choire fola ... hí (of a spear) LL 267b28 ( MU² 742 ). By extension, of plunging or thrusting into solids: gur ḟothruicheadar an da laighin ... san laochmhileadh, ML 126.28 (... fothraicedar, etc. ML² 1686 ). Cf. fosnessa sleig culind i n-a bond traiged coras fothraic eter feoil ┐ chnam, TBC-LL¹ 2187 = cur rusfotraic St; Windisch's expl. (as = rus-fothraigd = ro thregd, see tris-gata) seems unjustified; possibly the infixed pron. is reflex. so that it plunged i.e. ran between flesh and bone. rofotraicsidar ... an mbrath luirg ` brandished ' TTebe 1002 = quassabat Theb. ii 619 is evidently corrupt.

Vn. fothrucud, q.v.