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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: frecrae, frecre, frecrae, frecru, frecra, frecrai, recra, freccra, freccra, fregra, ḟreagra, frecartha, freccurtai, freccurtaibh, fregra, dha, fregarthaib

n io, n. (vn. of fris-gair). n s. a frecrae , Ml. 35c24 . frecre, Wb. 25b14 ; 27 . Sg. 197b10 , 200a10 . a s. frecrae Sg. 27a2 . d s. frecru, Wb. 30a20 . n p. inna frecra , Sg. 26a12 . frecrai, LL 142b3 . In later lang. m. and f. : in f.¤ , TBC-LL¹ 4723 = in recra , 4744 (= an aithesc, TBC-I¹ 3000 ). ba hi freccra chumair tuc sum air ind sin, LB 243a4 ( PH 7295 ), cf. in freccra (a s.) ib. LB 243a 10 . is é freccra doratsat, 173b21 . 165a41 . is i fregra dorad A., Aen. 1253 . fam ḟreagra thruim, Content. xviii 25 . In later Mid. Ir. g s. and pl. forms are often supplied by frecartha (as if < frecrad), already in TBC-LL¹ 71 , 74 ; n p. freccurtai, d p. freccurtaibh, CCath. 5628 , 5637 . fregra (vn.) IGT III § 47 ; m. and f. (n p. ¤, ¤dha ; `acht canamhain aige') IGT, Decl. § 1 ; d p. fregarthaib, ex. 8 (ex. of `canamhain').

(a) the act of answering or responding ; an answer , with gen., DO or FOR (AR) of inquirer or question ; subj. gen. also occurs : transl. responsio Ml. 35c24 . 129d6 . responsum Sg. 26a12 . ished in so a frecre donaib eriteccaib, Wb. 25b14 . érrethcha airindí asrenat frecrae dond immchomurc redditives, because they render an answer to the question Sg. 27a2 . frecrae menmman `mental answer' Sg. 28b15 (cf. f.¤ menman `perception of analogy' O'Don. Suppl. , no ref. ; f.¤ do menmainla hOengus in so, Fél.² Aug. 2 Comm. ). frecre do neoch immechomarcar duit `an answer to what is asked of thee' Sg. 197b10 . f.¤ n-ainmnetach, Triads 174 . f.¤ mín munterda ... f.¤ andiaraid, LL 267b10 ( MU² 723 ). asbert E. oc a f.¤ answering him LU 8439 ( FB 30 ). Cf. Laurint lán frecrae (rop ecnaid ro recair dona gentib), Fél. Feb. 22 (p. 78) . DO-BEIR F.¤ FOR (DO) answers: ni tharat f.¤ for in mnaí, LL 112a24 ( ScM. 3 Wind.). cen freccra do thabairt forru, PH 2653 (but : dosbered freccra díb, 2034 ). is e do fhreagrasa `ad quod ... respondes' Instructio 110.4 , but : ataimsi agad fhreagra `ad quod respondeo' 110.15 . dá bhfiafraigheadh neach an mbí ... mo fhreagra air go mbí my answer to him TSh. 1149 . do ruc G. buidechus na freagurtha sin risin rigain, ZCP vi 28.19 .

(b) answering to, corresponding to ; a counterpart, equivalent: baí ech sainemail ar graig Medba ... baí ech a recartha oc Ailill, TBC-LL¹ 74 . Cf. f.¤ do tiachtain fo choraibh `he shall answer for it who seeks to get rid of his contracts' (but a finite vb. seems meant here) Laws i 88.7 Comm. `linn' ... lasin nGaedel, ni fhil a f.¤ lasin Laitneoir, Auraic. 1093 . ag freagra na heisiomplára sin corresponding to that prototype 1 Peter iii 21 .

(c) passing into kindred sense answering to = referring to: f.¤ do na gradaib sechta sin that refers to (?) the septenary grades Laws iii 112.23 . freagra du breithir tug ... in tan rorāidh ... fregra do aicniud immorro tuc intan roraidh ... he was referring to the word (i.e. the grammatical distinction) ..., but he was referring to nature (i.e. to things) Auraic. 420 . totus ... .i. fregra du thoit na haibgitrech dobeir sund, 315 .

Cf. da trian fuil i menn airm no etaigh an urrad cen fregra da lethaithgin go rop edh bes a menn airm ┐ etaigh an luaich deora co fregra da lethaithgin, H 3.17, c. 623 ( O'D. 869 ).

(d) answering for, accounting for, taking responsibility for : īc no f.¤ dia nemtarrachtain `to pay or to answer for his non-appearance' Laws v 184.13 Comm. fregradh don raith no don feichemain fein `either the surety or the debtor himself must answer' [for it] 302.30 Comm . ( Bürgschaft p. 49 . Perhaps this belongs to the next section). ní mór m'eagla ... is d'freagra [leg. 's do ḟ.¤] leam i ló an bhráith `if thou answer for me' A. Ó Dálaigh xxxii 10 . cf. bhar leithsgéal d'ḟagháil no bhar bhfreagra ann bhar míghníomhaibh `your plea or your defence' [that you should answer for ?], Maguires of F. 51.20 .

(e) answering (a challenge, attack) ; repelling, retaliating: bíathad congbálae fri sochraiti túaithe, fri cuindgid fír ┐ dligid ┐ fri frecrae n-indligid 'providing food for a billeting for allies of the kingdom, for seeking truth and entitlement, and for responding to illegality', CB 30 § 22 . dia notecma crech, a f.¤ co moch, LL 148b6 ( KMMisc. 266 ). ni roibi do Troianaib fer a freagra none who would take up his challenge Aen. 1072 . no fobartais ... freccra Cesair im cath, CCath. 4545 . ni ḟaghann sé fer a ḟreagartha, Ériu v 178.261 . cat[h]a na nGennti do ḟreccra ┐ do frithailem, LB 123b31 (= YBL 69a38 . BB 244a32 ; cf. SR 5011 ). do riachtattar do ḟreccra na bágha sin, Cog. 75 n. 19 (= 74.23 ). cona bia fath fregartha ... acu ar Ulltachaibh that they may have no cause for retaliating on the U. MR 304z ( YBL 312a46 ). cf. do mhac A. ... nár ṡaíl neach dom nert-ḟregra, MR 306.9 . ni thic don tsluagh ... freacra na trí coicead friu to cope with the attack of the three provinces RC xliii 34.18 . badh doilghe a freccra it will be harder to resist him Cog. 212.15 . caithfidhe cath do freagra do Mhac G. Do-ghéabhaidh se cath, ar D., Keat. iii 4401 . iarraidh no fregra comhraig to seek or accept combat Luc. Fid. 105.10 . Cf. fuair a ḟreaccra go ro ullamh he got his answer (= was opposed) AFM v 1780.11 .

(f) responding to = complying with, obeying, satisfying: olc an ní ... gan righ Erenn do fregra, Ériu iii 158.23 . tug orm freagra ┐ umla do thabairt do duine ..., ZCP vi 285.9 . tabur fregra ┐ anoir don tShabdan, 58.9 . maithe Tuadmuman do frecra do, Ann. Conn. 1343 (= creidium AU, umhlughadh FM). Assisting, seconding: im ḟreccra a cheile im gach n-eiccendáil, AFM iv 1214.5 .

(g) responding to, i.e. undertaking, fulfilling, discharging (a duty, obligation, etc.): dliged na heclaisi do freccra ┐ do frithailem (function of the Levites) LB 123a51 (= YBL 69a19 . 294ay 0 . BB 244a12 ). cf. comedaig in chaisc do ḟrecra ┐ do frithailem, YBL 68bz = 294a25 . BB 243b43 . (... frec with m-symbol above c LB 123a25 ; cométaid iar n-urd ríagla | in chaisc, SR 4853 ). cf. frecor. ag freccra an móirfhedhma sin (i.e. the task of feeding the poor) ZCP x 6.10 . co raib f.¤ mbathius ┐ comna ... do cech duine isa eclas techta hí that baptism and communion are available for everyone whose lawful church it is Ériu i 219 § 7 . ic fregra gnim socraid practising CCath. 1189 (= rigidi servator honesti Luc. Phars. ii 389 ). gnimrad míled do f.¤ to exercise, practise (?) CCath. 330 . fregra cīsa ┐ cāna obedience (in paying) tribute ZCP vi 281y . Cf. ni dhlicchim de cios no freaccradha oile, Hy Maine 13.14 and: freagra manach (inferred from fregramanach in a 14th cent. charter, apparently some stipulated service), Reeves Ad. 369 .

Cf. freagradh ar nduana do dhíol, Dán Dé xxvi 21 .