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fren ?

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Forms: f., frén

ind f.¤ a frenis .i. ó [ḟ]rit[h]gabalaib, O'Mulc. 521 (leg. frén , a late derivative from Lat. frenum ? Stokes). Possibly same word as follg.


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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: réna, freoin

ind (earlier form of frém, q.v. see Thurn. ZCP xii 409 , disputed by Pedersen, Ériu xvi , but hardly on sufficient grounds. See also ZCP xxvi 1-4 ). f.¤ fíne, Fél. Oct. 10 v.l. nír ás f.¤ na flesc feda trit, LL 5a39 . fó flaith fó frén fírbalc, IT iii 41.4 . pl. issed immeḟolngai a ḟorbairt a réna do thuaslocad [sic leg.], Sg. 127b3 . isē ro gab doib in ndarbre cona frenaib, Rawl. 132a49 ( Expuls. 13 , i.e. attacked them with uprooted oaks for cudgels ?), cf. nin .i. fren oghuim, O'Dav. 1288 . freoin g s. (?), Rawl. 122b30 seems corrupt; cf. fireoin in the same passage LL 315a39 .

See follg.