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n f. (< frith-gell?) an offering or gift (?) : berid in fricill se do for n-aite (of a gift of wine and food), Rawl. 132b29 ( Expuls. 18 ). arfoḟét Díl in fricill ib. Rawl. 132b 31 . fricell .i. duthracht bīd doberar do chill a free-will offering made to a church O'Mulc. 593 = H 3.18. 81 (prob. an etym. gloss suggested by latter component of word). Cf. feact ann do dligset na hamaidi freiceall di, BB 251a39 (= forcell, Cóir Anm. 54 ; do luidsed na hamaidi fre hircell di, Lec. 174ra34 ).