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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: frecuirthe, friscuirim, frisfoichiurr, friscoirter, friscoirthe, frecor

v (for conjugation see cuirithir and fo-ceird).

I Puts towards, applies to (only sense in Glosses) in phrase f.¤ céill ` applies (one's) mind to ' = attends to, cultivates, worships , used in Glosses to transl. Lat. colere and compds. ipv. 2 s. frecuirthe ceill (gl. recole) BCr. 33b2 . pres. colo .i. friscuirim ceill isin ṅdirgetaid itá Dia, Rawl. 106b38 (= Lib. Hymn. 184 ). Cf. frecurim sea ceill atamchomnaic dirgitetaid mo Crist ..., LU 1152 . íc neich fritcurethar cheill who worships him Ml. 41d16 . fut. 1 s. frisfoichiurr ceill, 78c8 . Pass. pres. subj. pl. friscoirter, c. 21d3 . past subj. s. combad and namma friscoirthe céil that he was worshipped there only 95a1 . ni frecuirem céil ... o ḟothraictib teeib na fuaraib we do not trouble about Alex. 865 . muine frecurthur cēll co foltuib techtaib unless proper precautionary measures are taken ZCP xiv 373 § 36 ( Laws ii 286 where glossator seems to misunderstand the verb, taking it here in sense II. Stokes in a manuscr. note in his copy rendered [unless] `there is cultivation'].

II Opposes ; rejects, sets aside , in Laws glossed by athcuir- : is flaith friscuirther (.i. is e in flaith sin adhachuires na flaithe eile dhe), Laws ii 306.18 ( ZCP xiv 381 , where Thurn. corrects to friscuirethar and renders `der sich [andern] Herren widersetzt [sie abweisen] kann). it he teora trebuire ... nad rithrolat comarbai < nō na cumgat comarba do cumscugud > which the successors cannot set aside SM Facs. 17a ( Laws iv 210.29 ). acht ni frithrolaither ... .i. acht na fír-athcurthar, O'Dav. 1396 . danae Dee nis-frithchoirthi do not reject them V. SS. Hib. i 62 . ná tíagar co n-étar fer ro laa ... ┐ friscuriur mo phopa Fergus (i.e. I except) LU 4741 (cf. ni théssid secce ... cen motha F. 4809 ). friscoirter [leg. -cuirther ?] gai in gai `falsehood is opposed in falsehood' IT iii 201.1 ; 'you oppose' ZCP xxx 8 . fris cuirter, Fél. Jan. 25 probably consists of rel. FRI with -cuir-, cf. fo-ceird (h).

Vn. frecor ; see also frithchor.