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Forms: frithgaib, frisgaibed, frithgab, frithgabaid

v (a) in O.Ir. checks, restrains, curbs . In Ml used to transl. Lat. frenare: pres. nachid frithgaib (gl. frenatur) Ml. 55c11 . impf. frisgaibed (gl. frenabat) 49a24 . perf. ní ru frithgab , 124c11 .

(b) in Mid. Ir. opposes, resists: ipv. 2 pl. frithgabaid commaith ocund et regait na fir uaib, LL 283a7 . cethardha fris-gaibiut a cethirslicht which oppose in (= according to the text [called]) `C.' (i.e. which make a distraint illegal) Laws ii 76.22 Comm. ? is cathaigh na frithgaib fola `a trespass that does not involve reciprocal duties as regards goods' iv 126.26 Comm .

Vn. frithgabál, q.v.