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Forms: frisninnlethar

v ā (indell; cf. frestlaid) in follg. exx. the under-lying sense seems to be meets, answers to, serves (a purpose, etc.), deals with (a piece of work); of persons, waits on, encounters, deals with (both in friendly sense and the reverse): in son frita indle la grecu (gl. interpretatio eorum apud Graecos, i.e. the Greek equivalent for them) Sg. 213a3 . ind .u. consain lasin Laitneoir is fern frisnindleastar [leg. -indlea] lasin nGaoidel ut est uir .i. fer ( i.e. Gaelic f corresponds to Lat. v), Corm. Y 576 . ni cluas donidnaig acht is trea donidnathur ┐ is í frisnindle the ear does not transmit it [the tradition] but it is through it that it is transmitted and it is it that receives and handles it H 3.18, 360b ( Laws i 37n ). dun aigni frisindli breth `the advocate who prepares [`dem ein Richterspruch entspricht' Thurn. Ir. Recht 47n .] judgment' Laws v 92.2 Comm. For the meaning of a.f.b. cf. further: in t-aidhni airberta ic toicid ┐ ac toxal do rigaib ... ┐ in t-aigni frisnindli breth ic feicemnus ima caingin, Laws v 100 Comm. in t-aídni frisnindli breth .i. noco n-uil acht glanadh ┐ cinnedh luig [sic B and Y; H 3.18, 178a has `luic' which is perh. correct, although this text is inaccurate in some places] ┐ aincesa atarru ┐ in t-ollam, Laws v 100.22 where the last sentence, rendered `between him and the ollam = distinguishing him from the ollam' i.e. the `glanad' etc. do not lie within his province, but within that of the ollam . Thurneysen's: `... der bestimmt mit dem Richter zusammen, welche Eide, etc., Ir. Recht 47 n. 8 , if it is a rendering of this passage is not entirely correct.

Of law-students: ma ra foglainnsetar condat aigneda frisnindle breith, Ir. Recht 46w . aigni frisninnle brith fer son taurrig tacrai fri bruinne brithi. asbeir fris aigni adgair: aigni dom air so corraib do lethi lim indiu imm in les[s]a; taurrigsidi tacra ... ┐ adsuidhi cin athcomarc do brethemain ┐ berair breth fair. ise fer in sin beras le[th]trian aroir taccra. belrai feni lais uile acht tulbretha ┐ ainches mbrethe. cuic seotu dec huaid do fiur forid cain ┐ a gairi ┐ a recht. ... ┐ is e in fersa agair o tosach [ = thoísech] tuaithi ┐ o brethemain ┐ o rig acht gnima r[e]achtairi ┐ ni beir baa o brethemain acht a folta. a les ria cach les ..., H 3.18, 375b ( O'Curry 813 ). In Laws i 290.32 : aigne frisninnle imuig represents: aigne f.¤ imuig, H 3.17, 108y (O'D.) = aighne fethamnuis amuigh, O'Curry 2697 ( Eg. 88 59 ).

Crist frisinnle mo chesta, Hy vi 9 , with gl. .i. rofrithaile, .i. dóene [leg. do-né] C. frithindel mo chest `may Christ prepare my pleadings' Thes., `may he draw up the statement of my case' Lib. Hymn. Gloss . deithbir dam ce phrisinliu tuaslugud mo tire a tuinidhiu tarrachtain, H 3.18, 18a ( ZCP xii 364 ). frisindle chaindill do deicse dus in bruithe in tairr, Corm. Bodl. s.v. lethech ( Thr. Ir. Gl. 27 ) = frisnindle, Corm. Y p. 70 .

With pers. obj.: iar céssad ... frisindled la haingliu `was attended by' Fél. May 23 . frisindle in coin cona díb lámaib ( tackles, grapples with ) LU 5012 . a ndosreng fris a laim, fritninnle in ben asin tsid a woman of the elf-mound encountered him (i.e. caught him on the other side ?) RC xxv 344.6 . Pass. impers. frisninnlethar ó ogbhaidh na Saxan ... do granaoibhlibh ... a gunnadaibh (of returning a volley of musketry), Hugh Roe 216.6 (f. 57b) .

Vn. fresndal, cf. frestal.