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Forms: fridoirced, frithorcaid, frisorcai, fritamm, frisoirc, frisorcat, fritammorcat, frithorgat, frisorcad, frisoirctis, frissidnoirctis, fris n orr, frischomarr, frisn orrat, frisn orrad, frisorthe, frissiurr, fritamm ior, fritatn iarr, frisn errat, fritamm iurat, friscomurt, frisort, friscomart, friscommart, -frithchomart, friscomartatar, fris comartat, frissorcar, frisnorgar, frisnorratar, fritum chomart

v O.Ir. forms: ipv. 3 s. na fridoirced , Wb. 14a27 . 2 pl. na frithorcaid , Ml. 114a9 . pres. 2 s. frisorcai ssiu, Ml. 44b31 . fritamm oirci, 44b26 . 3 s. frisoirc, 63b17 . 3 pl. frisorcat, 15a8 . fritammorcat, 39c27 . nad frithorgat , 79a2 . impf. 3 s. frisorcad, 118a1 . 3 pl. frisoirctis, 67b14 . with rel. infixed pron. frissidnoirctis, 39a20 . pres. subj. 3 s. rel. fris n orr 15a10 . (with perf. -com-) frischomarr, 77a12 . 3 pl. rel. frisn orrat, 80b9 . past subj. 3 s. rel. frisn orrad, 124d8 . 2 pl. frisorthe, Wb. 10c12 . fut. 1 s. frissiurr, Ml. 37c12 . 3 s. fritamm ior, 32d27 . fritatn iarr, 93a15 . 3 pl. rel. frisn errat, 100c9 . fritamm iurat, 33a1 . pret. and perf. (in Glosses with perf. com-) 1 sg. friscomurt sa, Wb. 33a12 . 3 s. frisort, Trip. 138.17 (1597) . friscomart, Ml. 63b11 . friscommart, ZCP xii 365.19 . -frithchomart, Ml. 47a2 . 3 pl. friscomartatar, Wb. 5b11 . fris comartat, Ml. 111b1 . Pass. pres. s. frissorcar, Wb. 6c13 . frisnorgar, Ml. 77d10 (see note in Thes). pres. subj. pl. rel. frisnorratar, Enchir. Aug. 70a ( ZCP vii 480 ). perf. s. fritum chomart sa, Wb. 33a12 . pp. frithortae, vn. frithorcun, q.v.

Molests, offends, injures , with acc. or DO or FRI of pers.; glosses offendere, afficere (in-, of-ficere), laedere, affligere, aversari, insultari; not common in Mid. Ir. is mese nad frithchomart nech (qui laeserim neminem) Ml. 47a2 . fris nahi fritamm orcat sa, 62c21 . na fridoirced nech dialailiu Wb. 14a27 . format is cummae frisoirc dundí bes isliu ┐ bes huaisliu, Ériu vii 160.13 . frisort dó uisqe ... et maledixit ei (= opposed his passage), Trip. 138.17 (1597) . With FRI : is amal bid fri Crist frisorthe, Wb. 10c12 . Absol. ar cech ulc ... frisoirg forsin talmain, Fél. Ep. 444 . Cf. acht rutuaisi ┐ ni fritorga `does not contradict' Ériu vii 168.30 (corrupt ?).

Cf. frithortaid.