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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: -fola, -folta, -folaid, frithola

n (folud) o, m. (originally n., Stud. Hib. xvi 25 ) also -fola (cf. frithfala) ; pl. -folta, Laws iv 54.23 , v 178.15 , etc. and -folaid. Cf. frithola .i. connradh, O'Cl. `counter-qualification,' a service or obligation in return for another , see ZCP xiv 374 . cach fola con[a] frithfoltaib (.i. im an manchuine), SM Facs. 34a (cf. Laws ii 286.13 , ZCP xiv 373 ). gabait 'ma folta condo ragbu a frith[ḟ]olta, Laws v 178.15 Comm. gaibid ima folta dib conda ragbat a frithfolta (the meaning intended seems to be they restrain their assets until they have possessed their counter-assets) iv 54.18 Comm . dofet a frithfola cach flaith, SM Facs. 47b Comm. ( Laws iii 20.16 Comm. ). gaib it lāim ... cen eluth ... cin dichell, acht ni foressat a frithfolta oitsiu undertake ... without absconding ... without negligence, save what is compensated by equivalent services on thy part Bürgschaft 15 § 51 c . rithḟolad fír making just reciprocal services (duty of a king), Tec. Corm. § 1.7 . mesir giallna iarna ffriothḟoltuibh according to their reciprocal services Ériu xiii 41.31 . ni dleagur dechmada ... mane bhe a frithḟolad na heclasi do baithius ┐ chomnai unless the church render its equivalent obligations of baptism, etc., Lism. L. 4532 . ni dlig airchindech a reir ... manibat óga a frithḟolaid asa eclaisi [leg. eclais ?] unless the church's reciprocal obligations be perfectly discharged Ériu i 219 § 9 . it é a frithfolaidi-seom dond ḟir gráid .i. lá air, etc. `these are his (the tenant's) reciprocal duties to the ordained man, a day's ploughing' etc. 220 § 14 . atcota fēile frithḟolta bounty obtains services in return Anecd. iii 11.8 . ni théid ḟoluigh na friothfolaigh cāin n-einech, ... as de asbeir an file : ... ni ḟuiben faoinnel fine friothfoladh (?), Ériu xiii 14.14 . ni dleghar tra frithfola hi Cáin Adomnain ná comard cinath acht asren cach a chinta ara láim no counter-claim or balancing of liabilities Cáin Ad. 43 . See further Irish Texts i 20 pass.

? ard a frithfola Feine, O'Dav. 8 , seems a doubtful reading.