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Forms: ff.

n o, m. a counter-way, an opposite or inverse route ; always in phrase: i f.¤

(a) with gen. of conar or similar word: ra imthigset i frithṡét na conaire back the same way LL 225a38 ( TTr. 592 ). is í slige ro cinn C. don Roim ... i f.¤ na sligidh forsa tíaghar o Roim co hAlba, CCath. 1490 . ro cuir C. a marcsluag i fritset na conairi for a cind = posted his cavalry on the way to intercept them 2474 . soais ... i ff.¤ na conaire cetna, AFM v 1740.10 .

(b) with gen. of person = to meet (Lat. obviam): dodechaid i f.¤ na n-apstal, PH 1921 . dodhechaidh ... dochum nÉirenn; luidh M. ... dochum puirt ana frithshet M. went to meet him at the port Lism. L. 2571 . conid i frithset anma Grigair ... tancadar na haingil, ZCP xii 373.21 .

See frithing.