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? ar-fuich

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v ar is fuich (? or leg. ar is fáith) Rachtabradh raidhib .i. ba hairfitiu doib-sium iní no raided R., O'Curry 2111 (H 4.22, 78ab) = arisfith, 283 (H 3.18, 151). Cf. ar-fet.


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x see fo-fich.

fuich , fuiche

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n m. a cuckold . The latter and more usual form may have been orig. an abstract = ` cuckoldry '; cf. fer fuichi a cuckold Laws v 284.3 (one of seven unfit to bear witness; with expl.: cach dibh ar a cheile). fuiche fer mna aga roibe fer aile tar a cend, O'Dav. 997 , cf. 935 where word is fancifully connected with ceo `mist'. fuche ... ara minco imdergtair, O'Mulc. 551 (derived from Lat. fucus). écond cach fuithi, ACL iii 228.90 . cacha fuich a mac co ndergeltar [sic MS.] de every cuckold has possession of his (putative) son till purchased from him (by the real father) Laws iii 310.16 ; 314.2 , quoted O'Dav. 997 . cach fuith a mac nocon n[d]eirceltar de, ACL iii 226 , Aib. Cuigni 30 ( ZCP xiii 301 ). is cacha fuichi a mac meni crither de, Rawl. 141a15 = ZCP viii 319.32 , LL 333b34 (chreder).

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Forms: imfuich, imfuachar, immusfuachat, imusfuichet, imfuachatar, imfuichiter, imusfai, imfo, imorro, imoraei, 'moichestar

v (imb-fo-fich) indic. pres. s. 3 imfuich, O'Dav. 928. pass. imfuachar, O'Curry 1066 (< H 3.18, p. 440a_b ). pl. 3 immusfuachat, ZCP xiii 21.34 . imusfuichet, Laws ii 280.28 . pass. imfuachatar, ZCP xiii 22.2 . imfuichiter, ib. 23.25 . subj. pres. s. 3 imusfai, O'Curry 995 (< H 3.18, p. 426a ). imfo, O'Curry 2474 (< Eg. 88, fo. 38b ). With ro : imorro, imoraei, Laws v 10.20 Comm. ? pret. s. 3 ro 'moichestar (sic leg.), Laws i 64.15 Comm.

assails ; impugns, annuls, abrogates: fer imfuich cis flatha .i. fer emhfuachtnaiges no emfuaitris cis do tabairt da flaith .i. doerchéle elas re dliged flatha `a man who injures the lord's rent,' O'Dav. 928. imus-fuich fine imanetur, imus-fuichet imus-coitcet `die Sippe ficht sich untereinander an,' ZCP xiv 370 § 32 = Laws ii 280.28 . im-fuich cach curu(d) a comfocuis, ib. § 33 (= ib. 282.9 ). imfuich mac gor cach ndochur im a athair nimfuich (=ni imfuich) cach sochur, Laws iii 56.20 . nimfuich glossed : ni imtaithmich `he does not dissolve,' 24 Comm. ar immusfuachat a cenna conna segar forro, ZCP xiii 21. 34 . ni himfuachar eim cor fri flaith no eclais mana raibh acht ala nae fair riam, O'Curry 2224 (< Eg. 88, fo. 16 (17)c ). is meisech imfo cor a fine .i. ís cuimgech é eimfuaidri na cor do niad an finchaire, O'Curry 2474 (< Eg. 88, fo. 38b (39c) ). With ro : bretheamnus sin berar dun filid imorro .i. imoraei (? = imforae) cuccaind no imorae uaind ` lit. it may impugn it towards us or it may impugn it from us ; i.e. `imorro' states an objection either directed against us or made on our part' (Plummer MS. notes), Laws v 10.20 Comm. ? teora bai iar fir ro moichestar (sic leg.) no ro mainestar (sic leg.) Asal (in lit. sense seizes, attacks) the three cows which Asal seized as a distress, Laws i 64.15 Comm. (but = ro imaigestar, O'D. 1705 ).