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fuich, fuiche

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n m. a cuckold . The latter and more usual form may have been orig. an abstract = ` cuckoldry '; cf. fer fuichi a cuckold Laws v 284.3 (one of seven unfit to bear witness; with expl.: cach dibh ar a cheile). fuiche fer mna aga roibe fer aile tar a cend, O'Dav. 997 , cf. 935 where word is fancifully connected with ceo `mist'. fuche ... ara minco imdergtair, O'Mulc. 551 (derived from Lat. fucus). écond cach fuithi, ACL iii 228.90 . cacha fuich a mac co ndergeltar [sic MS.] de every cuckold has possession of his (putative) son till purchased from him (by the real father) Laws iii 310.16 ; 314.2 , quoted O'Dav. 997 . cach fuith a mac nocon n[d]eirceltar de, ACL iii 226 , Aib. Cuigni 30 ( ZCP xiii 301 ). is cacha fuichi a mac meni crither de, Rawl. 141a15 = ZCP viii 319.32 , LL 333b34 (chreder).

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Forms: f.

n cuckoldry: faisneis fuiche .i. bib[d]a beos cidh é an fer doní an fuachta [leg. fuchachta ?], cidh é an fer dia ndentar, cach dib ara céile, O'Curry 2594 ( Eg. 88, 58b ). aisneis fuiche .i. in aisneis doni in fer dorinne f.¤ deit no da ndernais f.¤ who made a cuckold of you or was made one by you H 3.18, p. 285.10 ( O'Curry 571 ). fer fuichi, Laws v 284.3 .