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Forms: foruilleth, foruillter

v (cf. fo-lína and fo-slí ; Thurneysen ZCP xiv 366 ), adds to, increases (trans. or with FRI) : osin immach ni fullimsea, LU 10426 (= fuillim-se, ZCP iii 258 ). huath ... is ed fhuilleas b co ngeib greim p `h increases b till it acquires the force of p' Auraic. 432 . cor fuillestair nert ┐ righi Mic Erca, Todd Todd Nenn. 188 ( BB 208b38 ). fullfi friss thou wilt add to it MacCongl. 45.18 . mad becc leo sin, fuillter fris, Lism. L. 2953 . ? cid dam co tin[n]i, cid tulchuba fína bess and ní ria conroindfither, acht is di co fuillfear [leg. -fidear], BDD § 62 Eg. (it shall not be equally shared with her but she shall get the greater part ?). foruilleth, SM Facs. 32b (see fuilled) is prob. meant as pass. perf. ind. of fo-lína, but the reading in O'Dav. 948 : foruillter, perf. pres. is preferable. Stokes and Thurn. assign the form to fo-slí, see O'Dav. l.c. ; ZCP xiv 365 . coir raith co metha co fuillenn `with its failure, its accumulation' [how does it fail, how does it increase ?] O'Gr. Cat. 145.34 (Nero A vii > O'D. 2230 ).