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Forms: gelid, géldae, rogelt, nephglidi

v (a) grazes, consumes: gelid (gl. depascitur), Sg. 143b1 . Cf. Thes. ii 227.34 . 3 p. rel. géldae (gl. depasci [dicuntur]), Ml. 80a11 . rogelt (gl. depastus est), Thes. i 5.41 . gelid quia ithid, O'Mulc. 634 . nā gelad (gelat LU) ind eich and, TBC-I¹ 642 . geltadar dā ech Sūaltaim a fēr, 247 . bó geiles in fer, KMMisc. 262 § 11 . gealaid dia boin seach rodam two cows graze more than a large ox, Laws iv 100.20 Comm. Bo Goiunend dano: aní nogeleth nomeleth itir feur ocus uisce, Anecd. ii 59.12 . heich Deghad ... uail a ngeltatar ... deotar itir uir ocus griaun, ib. 10 . [ni] gellad bó imfurail sech aroile, Dinds. § 98 ( RC xvi ). Of birds: no thathigtís énlaith mág ar Emuin. Na gelltís, conna facabtais cid mecnu na fér ... hi talam, IT i 136.2 ( LU 10559 ). ZCP v 501.1 . With cognate acc.: airigsitar in gleith (geilt, LU) geltadar ind eich, TBC-I¹ 247 . con geltatar a n-eich geilt, TBC-LL¹ 548 . oc fegad ingelta ro geltsat na eich, 579 . madh gleith ro gelid na muca, Laws iv 98.13 Comm. Fig. rongeilt in gāeth feib geiles | nemāed forderg fidnaige the storm has consumed us as heaven's red fire consumes timber, Bruchst. i 67 § 155 = O'Mulc. 830 g . Part. nec. nephglidi (gl. intonsi [montes]), Thes. ii 46.21 .

(b) caus. feeds, puts out to grass: gelair scor glethe i ngurt ḟeóir, Metr. Dinds. iii 96.15 .