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n ā, f. stale butter ; salt butter ; small curds which remain mixed with the whey after the removal of the thicker substance : meadg millsen ... ni hebar a oenur, acht cumaiscther for grutin beos, Trans. RIA xxiv 203.16 (Reeves Culdees) = Rule of Tallaght § 5 . gruitin do macuibh aithiuch im ur do macuibh airiuch, Laws ii 148.21 Comm. gruiten .i. grotsen, sech is sen is grot .i. goirt, Corm. Y 692 . góei gruitne cech ōenfhir díb, MacCongl. 67.29 . co gruitin, ib. 127.17 . grus, grut, gruten a groso cibo .i. dagbiad .i. scaiblin nó braisech, O'Mulc. 685.