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n , f. (3 imm-, im- + dílse) mutual forfeiture ; mutual freedom from liability: imdilsi eter macnadmann `die kinder-Bindungen (— Abmachungen) sind beiderseits gültig,' ZCP xv 332 § 24. is in imdilsi crichi ata .i. isin cairde imdilsi crichi ata ┐ is dilis cach fear dfiallach in cairde so a crich araile ┐ ni dilis ina crich fein, O'Curry 523 ( H 3.18, 262b ) translated `Vertrag für beidseitig der Grenzen Verfallen— Sein,' ZCP xv 326.34 . asbert Medb na tucc imdillsi a ferainn acht di Concobar namái `M. said that she had made over her land to none save ...,' Ériu viii 175.18 . See imdíles.