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v (a) comes about: gādatar tíssed in nōeb | ara nimthised lethu `that he would walk with them,' Thes. ii 313.1 ( Hy. ii ). folld. by AR protects: Noe ocus Abraham | ... | immuntisat (.i. tísat immund) ar tedmaim `may they protect us from pestilence,' Lib. Hymn. i 26.8 . Fig. includes ? ar ecnairc na nuile screptra i n-immecur (imm imthecor, immidechaid, v.ll.) do shoscele, Ir. Lit. 42.16 . ar ecnairc ina huile fhirinde i nimthecor t'esergi, 17 .

(b) ? To this, screens, defends: dia mbe bothar do, do follaigear saide, dia mbed da cladh ime no dí coraidh adsuitear leo ar ad fiadain annsni ... muna bed acht don dornsann ní himtecar la suidaib (of cows going through land without a road) he is not protected by them (i.e. the witnesses (=the walls) ?), Laws iv 158.5 . ? condaig raith fris in dilsi sin acht is in adaig imtecar im comraic na scur no na cor indilsi sin, O'Curry 854 (< H 3.18, p. 387a ).