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1 immesorcon

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n ā, f. vn. of imm-esoirg act of exchanging blows; mutual smiting, mutual destruction: imesorguin .i. orguin cechtor na dā lethe, Corm. Y 740 . imeasorgain .i. orgain, no bualadh ar gach leath dhe, O'Cl. dias oc imessarcain do neoch as tressiu dont ṡlúag, LL 120b18 . robui cach dhibh oc imesarcain a cheli, RC xliii 46 § 45. batar ... ic immualad ocus ic imesarcain etorro, Cog. 76.8 . robtar iomdha a ndeabhtha ... a n-iomarubadh ┐ a n-imesorccain, AFM vi 2250.10 .

2 immesorcon

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Last Revised: 2013


n (2 imm + esorcon) fray, mayhem : imeasorgain oc a teilgtar fuili, Laws v 476.25 . cuic cenela imsergna docuisin la Féniu .i. ban(n)esorgain nat faccaib cnoc na glas na cneid na caile cnoccimesorgain cen testin fola imserccain dia tic fuil talmain nad aile otrus na airgell na(tt) iarmbretas imserccuin insaid otrus ┐ aurgell ┐ iarmbretas 'there are in Irish law five types of mayhem: (1) ‘white’ (bloodless) mayhem which leaves behind neither lump nor discoloration nor sore nor spot; (2) mayhem [which raises] a lump [but which is inflicted] without shedding blood; (3) mayhem by which blood [is spilt and] reaches the ground, [but] which does not entail sick-maintenance or fore-pledge or after-judgement; (4) mayhem which involves sick-maintenance and fore-pledge and after-judgement' Bretha 36 § 24 .