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Forms: immrim, imrime, imrim, imrimim, imrimmend, imrim, himrime

n n, n. , later f. vn. of imm-réid. a s. immrim, SR 7685. g s. imrime, Laws ii 160.19 . d s. imrim, i 166.21 . imrimim, ZCP x 345.33 . a p. imrimmend, LU 1160 (ACC). n s. in imrim , PH 4535. g s. na himrime , p. 163 .

the act of riding around, driving around, travelling; a course, a journey: imrim .i. imi-rēim .i. rēim ind eich ┐ rēim ind fir, Corm. Y 741. imrim .i. marcaigheachd, O'Cl. mithig imbrimm i Seirthi time to travel into Serthe, Trip.² 1085. tabred dagberta for ar n-imtechta, for ar n-imrimmend, LU 1160 (ACC). greid mer ort imrim each `a wild longing is on you to race horses,' RC v 202.9 (transl. Ériu i 187.5 ). dorairngertais-[s]iu dag-imrim dund (of a journey in a chariot), TBC-I¹ 672. conidh eadh do thairmisc dianimrim ┐ dianbruthghail mor na ffondadh ... the swift course, TBC-LL¹ 5618. ech imrime `a riding horse,' Laws ii 160.19 . athgabail trise i n-imrim do eich `distraint ... for using (i.e. riding or driving) thy horse,' i 166.21 . rith ┐ leim ┐ cur liac ┐ imrim ech, RC ix 454.18 . atát óic-fhir 'ca n-immrimm (of roads), Metr. Dinds. iii 280.56 . ag taidhecht dóibh na n-imrim `as they rode along,' TFrag. 74.1 . otconnairc Ó D. marcsluagh na ngall for dian-imrim ina dheadhaidh, AFM vi 2206.y .

Used of the entry into Jerusalem : rí roḟuc immrim n-amra | i ndomnuch na glanphalma, SR 7685. a imrim forsin assain cengailti, Ériu ii 198.30 . domnach na himrime, PH p. 163.