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adj (3 in- + forus) resident, stable ?: is i raith inforais (sic leg.) raith cen imdernam flatha, raith lais-a mbi fotha, Laws v 498.7 . ar is i raith inforais .i. in raith dligthech (i.e. a lawful or sufficient surety), 498.24 Comm. mana roib treabaire inarus aici gl. muna be treabad (leg. treabaire) inforais lais `if he has not a resident surety' (Plummer MS. notes), iv 128.20 Comm. (transltd. `a habitable residence'). foras nach cor ┐ nach cunnra donither fia fiadnaib innracaib acht rop urconn inforais inti doní provided that he who makes it be a sensible resident person, O'Curry 375 (< H 3.18, p. 208b ). ratha inḟorais (sic leg.) .i. trebaire ac a mbi inde forais no inde arais `sureties who have `inde forais' or household wealth,' Laws v 498.22 Comm.