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Forms: in(d)scuichid, indsguither, indsguichter, in(d)-scuich

v ā, ? in(d)scuichid ī (The forms inscuiche[t] (indic. pres. pl. 3) and indsguither (leg. indsguichter) (do. pass.) may be from an earlier in(d)-scuich, from the prototonic stem of which this vb. arises). changes (intrans.) ; moves, removes: inscuiche breath fondad : imtiagad breatha ilbruige `the judgments concerning lands vary,' Laws v 466.15 = inscuiche[t] bretha fondaidh (glossed .i. indscuchaid na bretha ...), O'Dav. 974. o ro innscuchadh in grad, co fuil eneclann in graid i n-indscuchann do when his grade has been changed ... into which he changes (if a man do penance), Laws v 448.14 - 15 Comm. is a lan einiclunn dibus umpu ... cu ru pennit ocus cu ru innsguchuit grad, i 56.20 Comm. atait secht n-indsguithe indsguither (leg. indsguichter) dogres a cain lanamna `there are seven separations that are perpetual,' v 296.13 . inscuchaid cach a comfocraibh a chele each moves close to his fellow, BB 490b9 . ni ro indscuch Alaxandir isin cat[h]raig sin Ierusalem did not enter, Alex. 500.