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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: inomblig, inomblegar

v (*in-uss-mlig-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii § 580 ) indic. pres. s. 3 inomblig, O'Dav. 1119. O'Curry 23 (< H 3.18, p. 10b ). pass. s. inomblegar, Laws iii 22.12 . lit. milks in from, metaph. levies, exacts, mulcts, makes liable: inomblig a macu forru .i. bluighid no toibgidh se altrum a clainne forin lucht dorighne `he mulcts or levies the nurture of her children on those that begot them,' O'Dav. 1119 ; 'he makes her sons (or possibly 'her sureties') liable for them' Celtica x 33 . cid inomblig raind itir comorbaib, O'Curry 23 (< H 3.18, p. 10b ) = cid iminlicc ..., O'Curry 258 (<ib. p. 150). inoimbligh fíor, Ériu xiii 26.11 (? leg. i n-oimbligh, see p. 222 n. ). ad-regar, in-omblegar (.i. forin inbleogain), segair, as-renar cach ndliged do neimthib 'every entitlement is secured, is levied vicariously, is pursued, is paid out for dignitaries', CB 30 § 24, 146 . Vn. inbleogan, q.v.