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Forms: intugadar, intuigfet, indtuigther, intuigther, intoichther

v indic. pres. s. 3 intugadar, O'Mulc. 462. fut. pl. 3 intuigfet, Ml. 121c9 . Pass. indic. pres. s. indtuigther, Sg. 143b3 . intuigther, Thes. ii 228.26 (Pcr.) (both glossing induitur). subj. pres. s. intoichther, Wb. 13d20 . Vn. 1 étach, q.v.

covers, clothes: is uisse intoichther a ndruailnitheso hon nebdruailnithiu `that this corruptible should be clothed with the incorruptible,' Wb. 13d20 . intuigfet gl. (arbusta ... campos) uestient, Ml. 121c9 . etach arindi intugadar, O'Mulc. 462.