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Forms: innech, indech, innigh, innuc

n o, m. vn. of *ind-fig-. n s. innech, Corm. Y 761. indech , Fianaig. 50 § 26. g s. innigh, RC xxix 120.5 . d s. innuc, Laws ii 416.2 Comm.

the woof, weft, an interweaving ; by extension of meaning, an inlay: innech .i. intextum .i. fighe, Corm. Y 761 = .i. infige, O'Mulc. 717. eanglaim .i. inneach, O'Cl. o bias na innuc no na etuch urlum `when it is in the state of `innuc' thread, or ready-made cloth' (of wool in process of being made into cloth), Laws ii 416.2 Comm. im snimaire .i. olla no in fertais loim .i. nindich `for the wool spinning-stick, i.e. `for the wool, or the bare spinning-stick i.e. of the woof,' i 152.11 Comm. ór a i.¤, airget fóe (of a hood), Fianaig. 50 § 26. a hi.¤ do margarét `its woof (i.e. its inlay) is of pearl' (of a board for playing fithchell), 14 § 32 . sán c[h]án immo deirc-innech, § 30. ciumhus ... orṡnáithe ┐ cloidhem h caoimhédrocht corthrach ag dinge innigh uirre `a fair bright bordered (weaver's) beam pressing a woof upon it' (of a border being woven), RC xxix 120.5 . ci atchess cen dlúth cen i.¤ `bare of warp or woof,' Metr. Dinds. iv 332.28 . a díol innigh fúithe fríoth interweaving (of the building of a wall), DDána 119 § 31. loiscfidh sé an t-éadach sin ... más dlúth nó inneach é `whether warp or woof,' Levit. xiii 52.

Fig. a n-englumma aigh ocus a [n]-innec[h] urbadha `their woofs of battle and their weft of bane,' CCath. 5440. beiridh th'inneach iul (? leg. iuil) do dháimh woof of knowledge ?, DDána 74 § 67.

As vn., act of weaving: ní dhearnais t'oigdhe d'inneach, transltd. `you did not make your work with any woof' (of poetic composition), Content. xxii 25.

See Dinneen s.v. inneach .