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Forms: indneilbhe, hindile, hinili, hinnile, indeile, n-inniledh, indilib, hindlibh, indile

n , f. Written indneilbhe, ZCP xiii 173.31 . g s. cecha hindile , Ériu iv 124.24 . n p. na hinili , TBC-LL¹ 1318. na hinnile , Laws iv 90.8 Comm. a p. indeile, BB 25a45 . g p. na n-inniledh , AFM iii 210.2 . d p. indilib, Laws v 192.8 Comm. a hindlibh , AFM i 90.7 . See indile , IGT Decl. § 180. Used in pl. and as collect.

property, possessions, hence and more frequently, cattle: innile .i. áirnéis, O'Cl. do cethruib .i. don (sic) inniluib, Laws i 298.y Comm. seoit .i. na scuithi .i. indile , v 496.12 Comm. (contrasted with sealba .i. feranda .i. tír, ib. 11 ). indili .i. indolis graece, augmentum .i. tormach, Corm. Y 766. amail nobit indili comadais cāich is di didiu dognītis na ferniu `now, whatever was the fitting property [?] of any one, it is thereof they used to make the garters' (tr. Corm. Tr. p. 72 ), Corm. Y 586. ba hilarda a indile , Fél.² lxi 36. `cissi indili ?' or Diarmait `secht lenti ... ocus secht n-delgi óir ocus tri minda óir,' Ir. MSS. Ser. i 176.10 . Perh. of land : cislir fogladh for cin gach cinta ... fair fádesin ┐ ... for innile do beo dile no do marb dile .i. tir ┐ marbseotu on (his) property in live stock or inanimate possessions ..., O'Curry 1595 (< 23 Q 6, p. 2b ). aithne bearur lat' i.¤ fadeisin `a deposit which is placed along with your own cattle,' or perhaps with your own property, Laws v 190.15 . cin as lugha oldas fadeisin, ícaidh dia i.¤ , iv 362.17 Comm. cid bias a mbuain a tuige do tigib na n-innili, O'D. 1696 (< H 5.15, p. 31b ). eigem do chur i.¤ a feraib `shouting for the purpose of driving cattle out of (fields of) grass,' Laws iii 250.18 Comm. isin foghail do niat na hinnile isin geimre, iv 90.8 Comm. do thabairt sét ocus i.¤ , ScM. § 2. cen innmas, cen innile, SR 6438. tan tanic in digail truag | for hinnilib na n-iltuath (of the cattle-plague), 2346 . táin do almaim ┐ indilib, LU 1890. cochit na inili imda imdaiscaire (of deer), TBC-LL¹ 1318. testa tarb do indilib Gargain, PH 6302. gach uile ghalar bhíos ar innilibh becca ┐ mora, Anecd. iii 6.6 . treabhadh is ann as innile, Dán Dé xvi 5. saidhbhreas díomhaoin do dhuine | innile gan aoghaire, DDána 121 § 4. donend dermar ┐ dith mor for indilib in hoc anno, Ann. Conn. 1407 § 17.

indile láin, indile lethe, indile aithgina ` cattle of full (-fine),' `cattle of half (-fine),' `cattle of restitution .' The exact meaning of these terms, used in the Lebar Aicle ( Laws iii 82 ff. ), is not clear. Compensation and restitution for injuries done by cattle were divided in certain proportions among the cattle belonging to these three groups. icait i.¤ lain tri ranna as ar dus, ocus tecait i cuibdius co hi.¤ leithi im tri randaib aile, ocus comicat etarru ; tecait i.¤ leithi co hi.¤ aithgina im an raind ata ar scath aithgina, ocus comicait eturru, Laws iii 336.z - 338.4 Comm.

míl indile a head of cattle: madh lat adgeinithar in miol innile no in sét, O'Curry 2287 (< Eg. 88, fo. 21c ). amail bit a di áraind a mmíl i.¤ , Ériu iv 152.18 . See also 1 míl.