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Forms: ind, ing, ing

n g s. ind ro-ing , Metr. Dinds. iii 108.78 . g p. ing , ZCP xi 109 § 10. a difficulty; danger, a strait, peril, grievous plight: ing .i. éigen . as ing .i. as ar éigen, O'Cl. as cach i.¤ donforslaice | taithmet anmae Ignatí `from every strait may the commemoration of I.'s name release us,' Thes. ii 301.7 ( Hy. i ). noco n-oircthi nech im in nī imi nā cumtar, im i.¤, im bochta `one is not to be oppressed about a thing which he is not capable of rendering, in his difficulty, or in his poverty' (gl. nach ortha nech in dicumung), Laws ii 338.z Comm. matan Maige Uachtair aird | i.¤ do ṡluagaib díth co feirg, LL 43a21 . aithle ind ro-i.¤ `after the great hardships,' Metr. Dinds. iii 108.78 . i n-i.¤ i mbatar Ulaid (? read : a mbatar when they were), 67 . fuair i.¤ éca `received the fate of death,' Todd Lect. iii 172.z . ba s[ī] maten, magen i.¤, | i n-abbad rí Lagen lond place of dangers ?, ZCP xi 109 § 10. To Christ : in līn ronescmart as cach n-i.¤ , x 47 § 26 . ing ` force, compulsion, obligation ; ... peril, danger ,' O'R.

In place name : Druim Ing ridge of dangers ? : orggain Droma hIung o Gallaibh, AU i 336.1 . Personal name, perh. invented to explain place-name above : Druim Ing meic Dobgaid Dorbglais, LL 194b44 . Ing mac Doirb Glais, RC xv 330.15 .

Used predicatively followed by (a) má+indicative, (b) infinitive (one ex. shows ing folld. by dependent interrogative sentence : is lúathidir rothán mbuaileth. Is i.¤ indo-árthet do ṡúil `thine eye could barely keep up with them,' BDD² 1152 n. ).

scarcely, hardly:

(a) tochim fossad ... issin chetna fuirtherbe, is i.¤ ma rofuc nech díb a choiss sech araile, LU 8253. cid ríagail fo-certa forsna traigthib is i.¤ má 'd-chotad égoir n-indib, BDD² 32. is i.¤ ma rodmbāei riam im nach oile ēces samail in c[h]umduigh robāi im Senchān, Corm. Y 1059.9 . as i.¤ mā ro-gēnair do sīol Ēremhōin ... aoinfher do-rōine cuttroma crōdhachta fris, ZCP xiv 262.1 . as i.¤ mas eol doib a n-airm d'imurcur, CCath. 5080. bennaighidh in mboin iaramh ... ┐ as i.¤ ma congaibhthi lestra dia hass, BNnÉ 10 § 39. as i.¤ má ro baoí beó i n-Érinn ... aoín bhen as mó ro derlaic, AFM v 1770.z .

(b) ma fuadach ndichmairc no fri aidche is iung a fasc if it be a carrying off without asking consent or by night notice can hardly be given, Laws ii 124.30 Comm. is i.¤ m'aoi Sémus do beith go tim cidh tá an codh ann, O'Gr. Cat. 136.32. cé atá mór ttuath dia thurgnamh | is i.¤ úrgnamh dia thargnamh, Hard. ii 290.8 .

COMPD. : ¤iarrath the minimum fosterage fee ? : in nginarrath (leg. in ing-iarrath) ; is a rogha in athar ata in chuici beirius an lenum no in tuilledh iarrata do bera leis, Laws ii 174.20 Comm. masa cutruma in t-altram tucad air ocus in t-altram ro dlecht de, is certiarraid ; masa mo anas, is olliarraid ; masa luga anas, is ingiarraigh, iii 312.13 .

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