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Forms: i.

[n u, m.] (inill) safety, security, protection: gabthe dunad les fris ar inoillus `a camp was pitched by him (Saul) against him for protection,' Ml. 55c1 . in i.¤ gl. tutela, Gild. Lor. 66. don i.¤ gl. tutamini, 140 . rodbia biad ┐ inillis ┐ fochen duid, Anecd. i 7.19 . nonbur giall dib co mbatar i tig Illaind fri hi.¤ do Chano ir-rige nAlban for C.'s safety in the kingship of Scotland, 12.3 . ro feccam a leas i.¤ do denum dun, BB 441b20 . mo thri drinnrosc dam-sa ... i.¤ (inilli, v.l.) frim ... .i. sídh ┐ córa do beth edraind ..., RC vi 175.33 . ceimnigh anns an carraic (i.e. Christ) ... oir is ann sin do ghebhair in t-inillis marthanach, ITS xxix 217.11 . da mbia an seile folamail ... geallaidh disle no inniullus ┐ furtacht it promises safety and relief, 23 K 42, 221.18 .